Adobe Bordeaux: Flash for Non-Coders, or a new LiveMotion?

-by Jori Curry 

I’ll admit it. Flash eludes me. While I love the imagery, at heart I’m a Photoshop Geek, which is kind of like a fish falling in love with a bird–they can admire each other, but where are they going to live? That’s why the rumor of Adobe Bordeaux is so exciting for those […]

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The Future of the Desktop: Cloud Computing and Adobe Photoshop

The Desmise of the Desktop: How will Cloud Computing Affect the Graphic Designer?

–by Jori Curry

I was at Adobe headquarters last February and there was much discussion about the future of the desktop. Adobe chief executive Bruce Chizen has recently elaborated on the shift in software from the desktop to the web, and speculates it should […]

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