Adobe Bordeaux: Flash for Non-Coders, or a new LiveMotion?

-by Jori Curry 

I’ll admit it. Flash eludes me. While I love the imagery, at heart I’m a Photoshop Geek, which is kind of like a fish falling in love with a bird–they can admire each other, but where are they going to live? That’s why the rumor of Adobe Bordeaux is so exciting for those of us Actionscript-challenged folks. Where as Adobe Contribute was designed for those who don’t want to learn Dreamweaver, the rumor is that Bordeaux will be for graphic designers, artists, publishers that don’t want to learn Actionscript, but create Flash animations. The word on the street is that Bordeaux will be able to add video to Photoshop or InDesign files also, so the non-coders can have some fun with animation.

But is it just a way to bring back LiveMotion? My guess is that new product will build on the synergy between Adobe and Macromedia and won’t be a LiveMotion Redux.

Adobe Bordeaux 


Projected Features of Bordeaux:

-      Easily create buttons, menus, slideshows, video controllers and other interactive components

-      Customize the look and behavior of interactive components included with Bordeaux

-      Visually convert artwork to interactive elements without coding

-      Trigger actions and events from markers you add to your video and audio

-      Create multi-page microsites as easily as dragging and dropping

-      Make objects and text move, spin, resize, reveal, slide, bounce, fade, and morewithout using keyframes or code

-      Easily control how motion responds to mouse events

-      Import, trim, and encode video files into FLV

-      Add audio and trim and adjust levels

-      Import native Photoshop files as layers

-      Import InDesign files with pages and objects preserved as individual elements

-      Output efficient SWF or Adobe AIR files