ModBook: Solution to an Apple Touch Screen for Better use with Adobe Applications

One of the most exciting things to come out of MacWorld is the Axiotron ModBook. It’s essentially a MacBook that has been given tablet capabilities, allowing users to write directly on the screen. A conjunctive effort between Axiotron, Wacom and Apple, this tablet solution brings GPS, iSight, Bluetooth connectivity,  a ForeGlass screen for better viewing outside. The ModBook is just a tad thicker than the MacBook, and weighs 5.3 pounds, and has a 15.3” screen. The Modbook Pro uses “revolutionary new Synergy Touch technology” that allows you to use both the pen and a finger at the same time. The starting price isn’t cheap–$4,998. Although current MacPro owners can convert an existing laptop for $3,000.

Many Mac users are still waiting for the actual Mac touch-screen. Apple applied for a patent last August revealing that they may be working on their own Mac tablet. While tablet PC’s haven’t been in industry blockbuster, one hopes that on the heels of the iPhone and iPod Touch that this is the right climate for a Mac touch-screen iMac.

- Jori Curry