Adobe Buzzword: Putting the Squeeze on Google and Microsoft


– By Jori Curry 

Leave it to Adobe to be the dark horse when it comes to online document creation. Built in Flex,  Buzzword creates stunning documents both online and offline. While Google Docs may be adequate for those creating simple documents, Adobe Buzzword puts an unparalleled emphasis on graphics–and even allows for real-time text wrapping around images. If typography and precisely placed graphics are part of your agenda, Buzzdocs is one to watch.  

Buzzword allows users to collaborate with any number of co-authors and control versions easily. The table creating capabilities are nothing short of spectacular, and the document dashboard allows sorting by author, date, file size, or your role. Anyone can view Adobe buzzdocs without an account by signing in. Buzzword feels much like it was created by graphic designers, FOR graphic designers. Not only does it bring an elegant interface,  but it’s impressively fast. Microsoft Word files can be imported as Rich Text Format (RTF) and saved out the same way. 

Adobe Buzzword is still in Beta, but for those that need more than Word or Google Docs offers, it’s the one to watch!