Adobe Project Elephant?

- By Jori Curry

adobe-elephant1Rumor alert! Premiere users have been thrilled about the return to the Mac. But is there more expected from Adobe? With Flash taking the center stage, the focus from a Photoshop Pixel based world has lately shifted to the world of animation. It seems that Premiere Pro may have a second life and soon become much more relevant.

The Krama blog has posted an anonomyous reply to a user from the official User2User Adobe forum:

They are (Adobe) contemplating support for all mobile phone video formats, and other esoteric formats from whatever still camera you can imagine, but will stop DV, HDV and P2 support. The reason for this thinking is that Avid, Edius, FCP and Vegas are much better in that area and much more stable. Another one is that they intend to compete much more with WMM, since that will enable them to skip making manuals, another significant cost saving. Ultimately, they want to merge Elements and Pro and intend to call it Elephant. This will take some time however, after all the lay offs, so do not expect anything worthwhile before 4Q 2012, this will give you some time to pick a new phone for video editing.

Truth or fiction? Only time will tell, that and Ringling Brothers.

Flash Breaks into TV

- by Jori Curry

Adobe Flash headed for television!

Adobe Flash headed for television!

Flash for Televison

With 98% of all computers having Flash installed on them, it was only a matter of time before Adobe migrated to television. At the recent NAB conference, Adobe announced a new, optimized version of Flash for televisions, set-top boxes,  Blu-Ray players, and other entertainment devices. The goal is for your provider to deliver Flash content without the use of a computer. 

In the 2nd half of 2009, Atlantic Records, The New York Times, Intel, Disney Interactive, Comcast, Netflix and others are thought to be on board to deliver content through Flash TV. 

“Comcast is constantly working to deliver richer user interfaces and services to our customers,” said Labeeb Ismail, Comcast vice president of Technology. “As an active participant of the Open Screen Project, we are working closely with Adobe to integrate the optimized Flash runtime with tru2way technology, enabling a new range of engaging, interactive services to consumers.”Viewers will be able to participate with their television in new ways by switching between television programming and Web content. 


The History of Adobe Flash

Flash began as the brainchild of Jonathan Gay, who was looking for a better way to visualize sketches of houses he was drawing. 

“If you ever think Flash is difficult to use, you should try drawing with a joystick on an Apple II before the concept of undo was invented. That will test your patience.” Jonathan Gay, Creator of Flash.

After a variety of software ventures including gaming and SuperPaint II, Future Splash Animator  was developed and were looking for a buyer and nearly sold to Adobe in 1995. In 1996, Future Splash Animator was sold to Macromedia, and became Macromedia Flash 1.0. Just like Xerox neglected to take advantage of the Apple GUI interface, it seems Flash nearly slipped through Adobes’ fingers.

Adobe Photoshop Marketplace

A community based resource for all things Photoshop!


A community based resource for all things Photoshop!


– By Jori Curry

Adobe has launched “Adobe Photoshop Marketplace this week to present a comprehensive collection of Photoshop related services, products and communities. The goal is to offer a variety of rescources including learning opportunities, User Groups, plug-ins, or tips.

The goal is to create an online Photoshop community in which users can:

Search for products, offerings, services related to Adobe Photoshop, Share offerings directly from the marketplace and Empower users to rate and review postings.

    Photoshop Marketplace is a free offering for the Photoshop community to better connect with offerings that involve Photoshop. Registering on Adobe Photoshop Marketplace creates a profile that helps users promote their offerings that creates links and keywords directing users back to your website.

    In my opinion, this is a stellar outreaching by Adobe, to create more communities within the Adobe website. in addition to this Photoshop Marketplace, there is also an Adobe AIR Marketplace. One can only assume that a “Flash Marketplace” is not far behind.

    Ascend Training offerings are listed on this marketplace, such as Chicago events, online classes, and hands-on classes.

    Questions may be directed to:

    Flash for the iPhone?


    Flash for the iPhone?

    Flash for the iPhone?

    – by Jori Curry

    When the iPhone originally debuted, Adobe made it clear that Flash for the iPhone was a no brainer, and would happen. Then last March, Apple openly contradicted this, and now it has come to light that Apple and Adobe are potentially collaborating to make Flash on the iPhone a reality. The previous objections have been that Flash is too much of a memory/CPU hog, and Flash Lite isn’t sufficient. While the recent announcement has been that Flash isn’t a reality yet, talks continue, and the long relationship between Adobe and Apple ensure that there is much behind the scenes development going on.

    According to GearLive and PhoneMag, the issue hasn’t been battery and CPU issues, but licensing negotiations. Apple has a long tradition of promoting Open Standards, while Flash is a proprietary standard. Apple has confirmed the 2009 World Wide Developer Conference for June 8-12th, and they are notorious for unveiling major announcements at that kind of  platform. Adobe and Apple have had a long relationship dating back to the early ’80’s. Logically, alienating Adobe doesn’t seem like a good business move for Apple.

    Other rumors include the upcoming iPhone will have a 3.2 megapixel camera, and sources say that Apple has ordered CMOS image sensor orders for a Flash to be included….(camera flash, not Adobe Flash on THIS rumor). Also, the new iPhone is rumored to be integrated with AT&T U-verse protocol.

    Now if we could only cut and paste…