Adobe Photoshop Marketplace

A community based resource for all things Photoshop!


A community based resource for all things Photoshop!


– By Jori Curry

Adobe has launched “Adobe Photoshop Marketplace this week to present a comprehensive collection of Photoshop related services, products and communities. The goal is to offer a variety of rescources including learning opportunities, User Groups, plug-ins, or tips.

The goal is to create an online Photoshop community in which users can:

Search for products, offerings, services related to Adobe Photoshop, Share offerings directly from the marketplace and Empower users to rate and review postings.

    Photoshop Marketplace is a free offering for the Photoshop community to better connect with offerings that involve Photoshop. Registering on Adobe Photoshop Marketplace creates a profile that helps users promote their offerings that creates links and keywords directing users back to your website.

    In my opinion, this is a stellar outreaching by Adobe, to create more communities within the Adobe website. in addition to this Photoshop Marketplace, there is also an Adobe AIR Marketplace. One can only assume that a “Flash Marketplace” is not far behind.

    Ascend Training offerings are listed on this marketplace, such as Chicago events, online classes, and hands-on classes.

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