Photoshop CS6 Erodible Brush

We now have two new options for the Brush tool: erodible tip and airbrush tip. Erodible brush draws line that is similar to a crayon–it erodes as you draw further away for realistic looking painting. Airbrush tip is designed to be used with a tablet to create thinner or thicker lines, controlled by how you draw with the pen on the tablet.

For example, choose the brush that looks like a pencil called Erodible Round, and click on the Brush Panel icon to open the Brush panel. When you have one of the brushes with the Pencil icon, notice the Shape option that enables the following: Erodible Point, Erodible Flat, Erodible Square, Erodible Triangle

The more you draw with an Erodible brush, notice the icon in the upper left of your screen becomes more flat or rounded, as would a real crayon. You can revert this back to the original by clicking on the Sharpen Tip icon in the Brushes panel.

Instead of 2500 px, we now have a maximum 5000 px. We now can also change brush size and hardness by dragging Ctrl + Option + Drag (Mac) or Alt + Right drag (PC).