Photoshop CS6 Gradient Map

Gradient Map

If you enjoy black and white effects with color tinting, you’ll love the new Gradient Map presets. Gradient Map is applied as an Adjustment layer. Gradient fill is different in that it just uses a blend of colors, while Gradient Map uses the tonal range of the image as a map for the gradients to apply to different light and dark areas.

Gradient Map

Gradient Map in CS6 offers Photographic Toning under the flyout menu. 

To use Gradient Map: 

  • Choose Gradient Map from the Adjustments panel.
  • Click on the vertical button with the down arrow to choose Photographic Toning.
  • Your choice is to Add or Apend. If you want to keep the default gradient maps, choose Append.
  • You will see a wide variety of tones to apply to your image.