Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift in Photoshop CS6

Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift

Tthere are some fabulous new blurs available in Photoshop CS6! Blur settings are integrated into the interface and they don’t open in the separate window. Now let’s use Field blur on this image. You can change the blur level by rotating the circle in the center of the image:

Field Blur

This is the easiest to use, but doesn’t allow for as much control as the other two. Simply click on the image to add “pins.” These pins will have a blur range from 0px to 100px. In the image below, note that the pins on the faces are set to 0px, while the pins in the background are anywhere between 15 and 25px. You can manually drag the Blur slider to the right or left, or drag the outer ring outside the pin to the right or left.

Iris Blur

Previously we would have to use an alpha channel to get a shallow depth of field. With Iris Blur, you can achieve this with no masks or Alpha Channels. You can place a point to choose the area that will be in focus. That point is the center of the ring, and as the ring expands, the blur increases. You have complete control over the amount of blur, the brightness and color of bokeh highlights.


The Tilt-Shift blur is a photographic technique that gives the illusion of a miniature effect, adding depth to certain areas. It also can be used for a more specialized effect for non-miniature images. You can rotate the angle to make certain areas appear blurred or in focus.