Photoshop CS6 General Changes

General Changes

Adobe has also redesigned and streamlined the program’s menu icons, though they’re still familiar and easily recognizable. 1800 Icons and 250 cursors have been redesigned. Panels are now labeled in upper- and lowercase type instead of in all caps, enhancing legibility. You can also go to Preferences and choose to keep the new, dark interface, or go lighter. In addition, the new Mercury Graphics Engine makes Photoshop CS6 run noticeably faster.

CS6 offers “rich cursors” revealing information such as dimensions, angle of rotation or other adjustment parameters next to the cursor.
The Move tool, Crop tool, and the Free Transform command show size and rotation angle. If you’re using Free Transform, Photoshop shows the exact dimensions that used to be only available on the Info panel.

When you hold down the Controll + Option key (Mac) and drag the brush tool, you see the dimensions, hardness, and opacity.
One of the most exciting features is that Photoshop CS6 can automatically save your open files at different intervals, AND in the background. While you continue to work, a temporary recovery file is saved that is updated periodically. The benefit is that if you crash, it will open a file with “Recovered” as part of the name.

Mini-Bridge Relocated

Mini Bridge is now at the bottom of the window with Timeline. Interestingly enough, if you choose Select a Workspace from the upper right hand corner of the Control Bar and set it to “What’s new in CS6” it reverts back to it’s previous location. You can also drag it from the bottom of the workspace and put it anyhwere you like.