Photoshop CS6’s Content Aware Move Magic!

Content Aware Move

New to the Content Aware family is Content Aware Move. We now have the following:

  • Content Aware Scale
  • Content Aware Fill
  • Content Aware Move

Content Aware move can be used two ways:

  1. To actually move someone or something to another part of an image.
  2. To extend part of an image.

To extend part of an image, as in this image below with the wood, first enlarge your canvas size by choosing Image > Canvas Size. Now make a selection of the top area you want to extend. With the Content Aware Move tool set to “Extend” from the Control bar, drag it upwards. With Extend selected, drag the pixels to the new location, and Photoshop magically aligns the image.

If you want to actually move one of the nails, simply select the nail and a bit of room around it, and change the mode to Move. Photoshp will fill in the area where the nail once was with the appropriate background.