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Quick Tip: Using Dreamweaver for your CMS Development with Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc

Are you looking to do some theming or plugin development for a common CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla? If that's the case, then this tip may be useful for you. Dreamweaver CS6 has a neat option to provide code hinting for common CMS'. Start by setting up your server and [...]

Making Use of Amazon Web Services for Your Web Development

  You, as a web developer, may very well be aware of Amazon's Web Services for hosting web sites and services. Depending on your skill level, some of what Amazon has to offer may seem daunting or out of reach. I'm here today to give you an idea of some rather novel uses of AWS [...]

By |November 7th, 2012|CSS3, HTML 5, JavaScript|0 Comments

A New Way to Debug your Website on Many Devices

  Adobe has just released a public beta for yet another useful application for web development. The current title is Adobe shadow. Now I haven't had much time to play around with it as of yet, but I'll provide the run down.   What Adobe Shadow is used for is previewing your website on not [...]

By |March 8th, 2012|CSS3, Future Computer Technologies, HTML 5, JavaScript|0 Comments

Turns out LESS really is more

  Today I will briefly go over a new means to style your webpage. You most likely have some experience or familiarity with CSS, but for those who do not, CSS (cascading style sheets) is the web standard for giving design to your page. The problem I have found with CSS in the past has [...]

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I am Excited About Adobe’s Creative Cloud and You Should be Too!

I have recently returned from a trip to Los Angeles for the Adobe MAX conference and am excited to tell you about Adobe's biggest announcement from MAX, Creative Cloud. Now keep in mind that we were only given a glimpse of what's in store, so don't take everything I say as exactly how it will [...]

A Great New Tool Fresh from Adobe Labs – Adobe Edge

Just yesterday a brand new tool was released to the public. Adobe Edge is a tool that allows you to easily create HTML 5 animations in a Flash-esque application. It uses a timeline, much like Flash, where you can add objects onto the stage and manipulate them in various ways across the timeline. These animations are created [...]

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Tech Tip for the Web Designer

For those of you that are new to web design or would like to get started in the field, or if you are like me and just too lazy to code your CSS, I have a great tool for you! I recently stumbled on this web app CSS3 Generator which allows you to style a [...]

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What is AIR and Why Do I Care?

I'm sure many of you have hear of Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), but it may be little more than a buzz word to some. What I intend to do is provide a brief overview of what AIR is and what it does and also why it will be important in this mobile age we [...]

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A Few Quick Tips to Improve Your Digital Photos

For you digital photographers out there, I have a few nuggets of wisdom I have stumbled on that could potentially improve the quality of your photos. I know that for myself, clicking the shutter can be problematic since I tend to shake the camera as I press the shutter. The best way to avoid this [...]

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Photoshop Express – Photoshop for the iPhone/iPad!

Yes, Adobe has made a version of Photoshop for iPhones and iPads, and the best part? IT'S FREE! Here is a link to a video that demos this new app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hui0p_qI-Q This is a great application for photographers looking to edit their photos on the go or for casual user who would like to edit [...]

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