//Adobe Days: Photoshop CS6

Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift in Photoshop CS6

Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift Tthere are some fabulous new blurs available in Photoshop CS6! Blur settings are integrated into the interface and they don’t open in the separate window. Now let’s use Field blur on this image. You can change the blur level by rotating the circle in the center of the image: [...]

Photoshop CS6’s Content Aware Move Magic!

Content Aware Move New to the Content Aware family is Content Aware Move. We now have the following: Content Aware Scale Content Aware Fill Content Aware Move Content Aware move can be used two ways: To actually move someone or something to another part of an image. To extend part of an image. To extend [...]

Cropping Changes in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Cropping Changes Photoshop CS6 now has a completely nondestructive Crop tool. When you choose the Crop tool, you will notice the new crop marquee, with eight handles instead of four. The benefit of these new handles is that we can now resize non-proportionally. The most important thing about cropping is to de-check Delete Cropped Pixels. [...]

Photoshop CS6 Layer Changes

Searching and Modifying Layers One fabulous new feature is the ability to search layers. You can search by Kind, Name, Effect, Mode, Attribute or Color within the Layers panel. You can filter out all vector layers, text layers, and so on. You can also select multiple layers and change the blend modes, duplicate, or apply [...]

Photoshop CS6 General Changes

General Changes Adobe has also redesigned and streamlined the program’s menu icons, though they’re still familiar and easily recognizable. 1800 Icons and 250 cursors have been redesigned. Panels are now labeled in upper- and lowercase type instead of in all caps, enhancing legibility. You can also go to Preferences and choose to keep the new, [...]

Photoshop CS6 Erodible Brush

We now have two new options for the Brush tool: erodible tip and airbrush tip. Erodible brush draws line that is similar to a crayon–it erodes as you draw further away for realistic looking painting. Airbrush tip is designed to be used with a tablet to create thinner or thicker lines, controlled by how you [...]

Adjustments, Properties and Masks in Photoshop CS6

In CS5, the Adjustments Panel was overloaded and clunky. The Properties panel has been introduced as a control center for edits and masking. When any layer has an Adjustment layer or a Mask, it shows up in the Properties panel. For example: If you have an image with an Adjustment layer, the Adjustment layer icon [...]

Photoshop CS6 Auto Color Correction Tools Updated

Auto Correct has always been a hit or miss. With CS6, the algorithms of image adjustment tools have been updated in CS6. Brightness Contrast, Curves and Levels have a new default option “Enhance Brightness and Contrast.” This option gives you access to all the values Photoshop chose by default. It’s a great way to get [...]

Photoshop CS6 Gradient Map

Gradient Map If you enjoy black and white effects with color tinting, you’ll love the new Gradient Map presets. Gradient Map is applied as an Adjustment layer. Gradient fill is different in that it just uses a blend of colors, while Gradient Map uses the tonal range of the image as a map for the gradients [...]