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Adobe MAX 2010

Adobe MAX was two weeks ago, but it has been a busy two weeks since. So, finally, you will get a glimpse of all that I saw at the MAX conference. To start, aside from the Jobs bashing and many discussions on the Flash vs. HTML5 situation, a major topic of discussion at MAX was [...]

3 Exciting New Classes At Ascend Training!

With scads of new technology that CS5 has introduced and enabled, Ascend Training has expanded it's class offerings with three new additions to our regular schedule! Adobe InDesign CS5 Interactive Level 1: InDesign Documents for Web and Distribution–This 2 day class is geared towards current InDesign users who are looking to make the leap from [...]

Apple Facing Government Probe into Antitrust Flash Tactics

- by Jori Curry Apple has started an all out war against Adobe Flash, and it seems that the government may soon step in. While Apple vows that the reason is that Flash would diminish battery power on the iPhone and iPad, the reality is that allowing Flash on the iPhone would create [...]

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Adobe On The Go (be)

Now you can take Adobe Photoshop with you wherever you go! If you have an iPhone, and Android device, or even a mobile device with Windows Mobile, you can can edit, crop, and color-correct all your images just like you can at home...but you probably already knew this--what's important is that, now that the iPad [...]

The battle behind the screens – Flash vs. Silverlight

It's definitely a war--it's just that it's a Cold War. Since Microsoft released Silverlight, (and by the way, watch what happens when you surf over there) their answer to Adobe Flash, in 2007, there's been a (sort of) silent war going on behind the two software giants about who gets to play your movies. When [...]

What do you get for the phone who has everything?

So ok--it's going to be a while until we get Flash for the iPhone, but I think we can all agree that it's still pretty cool. The question is: now that you can do almost everything on the iPhone, like getting GPS Driving directions, reading e-books with the Kindle App, checking your email, [...]

Adobe Flash for Android: Will iPhone Lag Behind?

Adobe moving towards other mobile phone vendors for Flash. Will the iPhone soon follow, or will Android gain steam?

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Facebook and Adobe Partner with Flash

Adobe and Facebook partner to enable easier Flash integration.