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Adobe Premiere Pro

Instructor-Led Photoshop training from top industry Professionals! Small class sizes, hands-on in Chicago or Online. Ask questions, interact with instructors for individualized attention! Free retakes for 8 months. Adobe Premiere Pro Free retakes for 8 months. In this video editing class you will learn to import and create professional video files, edit rough cuts, work with transitions, [...]

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Responsive Design

Here's a great infograpic form Splio showcasing tips for Responsive Design! https://www.splio.com/responsive/

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Creative and Collaborative Web Design

Changes in the Creative Process In today’s arena, ideas are no longer communicated strictly visually, but interactively. Responsive Design has changed the game: Web designs are no longer static, but need to provide different layouts to devices based on the size of the browser window. Understand limitations, and small things designers can do to make the [...]

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So You Want to Develop Websites?

So You Want to Make Websites: Which Camp do you Fit Into? The face of the internet is provided by two very different groups: Web Developers and Graphic Designers. They both have different roles with their own unique purpose. Graphic Designers fit on the creative spectrum, and excel in telling a visual story with branding, [...]

What’s New in Adobe CC

Adobe's Creative Cloud represents a fundamental change to the way the industry leader will be distributing its products. Creative Suite has been a mainstay for creative professionals for years and we have all become used to the linear version releases, but now it's official: there will be no CS7. The next generation of Adobe applications will [...]

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Converting Flash animation to HTML5 using CreateJS

An animation today needs to be independent of the hardware it is sitting on. This is the only way developers can realistically roll their work out across the entire multitude of devices that are out there. With the continuous evolution of Web Standards and the power of today's coding libraries; what can be achieved within [...]

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Adobe Edge Reflow: Adapting with ‘Responsive Web Design’

We live in an age of screens. You are looking at one right now, and so am I. In our modern lives we are constantly staring at screens of various sizes, and as the diversity of resolutions and aspect ratios has grown over time, so has pressure on web developers to adapt their designs to [...]

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Photoshop CS6 at your fingertips

Being a designer means working to deadlines - which means time is always of the essence. Working quickly and efficiently within Photoshop is essential and there comes a point when your poor mouse just can't scurry around the screen fast enough to keep up. Adobe have always included keyboard shortcuts to reduce the little guy's [...]

Quick Tip: Using Dreamweaver for your CMS Development with Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, etc

Are you looking to do some theming or plugin development for a common CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla? If that's the case, then this tip may be useful for you. Dreamweaver CS6 has a neat option to provide code hinting for common CMS'. Start by setting up your server and [...]

Text Formatting in Photoshop CS6

Type styles in Photoshop CS6 enable us to have far more control over text, similar to Adobe InDesign. In the past, global changes to text were just not possible. In Photoshop CS6, we can now define styles for both paragraphs and characters. Normally Paragraph styles are most used, with Character styles used within paragraphs for [...]

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