Adobe CS6 Release?

If you have been wondering when Adobe plans to upgrade the Creative Suite, history has a thing to tell us…

  • CS – Released in October 2003.
  • CS2 – Released in April 2005 (18 months after CS).
  • CS3 – Released April 2007 (24 months after CS2).
  • CS4 – October 2008 (18 months after CS3).
  • CS5 – Released April 2010 (18 months after CS4).
  • CS6 – If history is showing us a pattern….October 2011?

There is bad news for those still using CS3. Adobe has said that CS3 will not be upgradable to CS6. So if you are still using CS3, keep in mind that you will end up paying full price for CS6 whenever Adobe plans to release it.

*Ascend Training has no knowledge of any Adobe release dates.