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Adobe Creative Cloud Guide

In May of 2013, Adobe walked away from selling boxed-versions of software and moved exclusively to selling subscriptions to software such as Photoshop and InDesign. What does that mean for you? What is Creative Cloud? Adobe’s Creative Cloud, CC replaces the old model of Adobe “CS.” Users pay a monthly fee to access Adobe’s entire software library, [...]

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Upcoming Events!

Winter free Adobe events at Ascend Training!

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The InDesign Conference Comes to Chicago!

The InDesign Conference in Chicago November 2-4th.

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Quark 8 Chases Adobe InDesign

QuarkXPress is doing everything it can to regain its’ luster from the early days of the 90’s. A snappy new website, a new Quark Version 8 with the gun directly aimed atInDesign–but are any of these things enough to pull users away from Adobe?Quark 8 has added Bézier curves, a Picture Content Tool for scaling [...]

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