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Adobe CS6 Released on AIR?

Adobe AIR allows developers to build web applications without a browser. Why is this important? AIR apps are a combination of a web and desktop applications allows users to run web applications on any desktop whether it's Windows, Mac, or Linux. Adobe AIR utilizes HTML and Flash to give the user a consistent experience that [...]

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Adobe CS5 Free Shipping Ends May 31st

Adobe offering free shipping on CS5, and a great chart to compare pricing.

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The battle behind the screens – Flash vs. Silverlight

It's definitely a war--it's just that it's a Cold War. Since Microsoft released Silverlight, (and by the way, watch what happens when you surf over there) their answer to Adobe Flash, in 2007, there's been a (sort of) silent war going on behind the two software giants about who gets to play your movies. When [...]

What do you get for the phone who has everything?

So ok--it's going to be a while until we get Flash for the iPhone, but I think we can all agree that it's still pretty cool. The question is: now that you can do almost everything on the iPhone, like getting GPS Driving directions, reading e-books with the Kindle App, checking your email, [...]

Adobe Labs: Keep Updated on Adobe New Technologies like Pixel Bender

Adobe Labs offers access to Pixel Bender, a new way to create real-time effects.

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Facebook and Adobe Partner with Flash

Adobe and Facebook partner to enable easier Flash integration.

Flash for the iPhone?

Rumors of Adobe Flash for the iPhone announcement June, 2009.

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Adobe Buzzword: Putting the Squeeze on Google and Microsoft

  - By Jori Curry  Leave it to Adobe to be the dark horse when it comes to online document creation. Built in Flex,  Buzzword creates stunning documents both online and offline. While Google Docs may be adequate for those creating simple documents, Adobe Buzzword puts an unparalleled emphasis on graphics–and even allows for real-time [...]

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Reliance on the Digital World: Voice Recognition Software

To be honest with you, there were days that I want to go back to a rotary phone and a typewriter. Things seemed so much more straightforward then. That is, until I broke my finger. REALLY broke my finger, to where my neighbor came over to assist and SHE nearly passed out. I wish I [...]

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Freelancer Fiesta!

Join us for a freelancer extravaganza on July 21st! Ascend Training and the Chicago Area Adobe User group will enable freelancers and those looking for talent to come together and share their samples and upcoming projects. Ascend has served the Chicago creative community for 10 years, and The Chicago Area Adobe User Group is the [...]

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