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Quick Tip from Jerome – Dropbox

If you have a Flash or InDesign project that you are putting time into both at work and at home or just have files that you access and edit frequently from multiple machines, then Dropbox is a tool that you should look into. Dropbox is available for essentially all platforms, mobile, Mac, Windows, and even [...]

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The battle behind the screens – Flash vs. Silverlight

It's definitely a war--it's just that it's a Cold War. Since Microsoft released Silverlight, (and by the way, watch what happens when you surf over there) their answer to Adobe Flash, in 2007, there's been a (sort of) silent war going on behind the two software giants about who gets to play your movies. When [...]

Adobe Flash for Android: Will iPhone Lag Behind?

Adobe moving towards other mobile phone vendors for Flash. Will the iPhone soon follow, or will Android gain steam?

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Facebook and Adobe Partner with Flash

Adobe and Facebook partner to enable easier Flash integration.

Flash for the iPhone?

Rumors of Adobe Flash for the iPhone announcement June, 2009.

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