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Adobe CS6 Released on AIR?

Adobe AIR allows developers to build web applications without a browser. Why is this important? AIR apps are a combination of a web and desktop applications allows users to run web applications on any desktop whether it's Windows, Mac, or Linux. Adobe AIR utilizes HTML and Flash to give the user a consistent experience that [...]

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Smarter Saves with Adobe Bridge Collections

Create collections without moving files from their original folders with Adobe Bridge!

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Facebook and Adobe Partner with Flash

Adobe and Facebook partner to enable easier Flash integration.

Flash for the iPhone?

Rumors of Adobe Flash for the iPhone announcement June, 2009.

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Adobe Zoetrope, a Web Time Machine

Adobe Web Time Machine: In conjunction with the University of Washington, Adobe is moving towards changing the way we interact with the web with Adobe Zoetrope. Instead of a static page, we will be able to scroll through a website and see historical changes. In addition to seeing an entire page as it appeared in an [...]

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