Fall Into Savings: InDesign Promotion

We have a promotion on all of our hands-on InDesign classes. You must register by October 15th, but you may take the class at any time. Please contact us if you would like a custom discount code to register.

Our Adobe Authorized In-Depth classes always include a free 8 month retake policy that includes the new version, and the guarantee of 10 students or less. We offer the following InDesign CS5 Classes:

Adobe InDesign CS5 Level 1: Fundamentals to Intermediate
Adobe InDesign CS5 Level 1: *Accelerated Pace* for Current InDesign Users for Former Quark Users
Adobe InDesign CS5 Level 2: Advanced Master Class
Adobe InDesign & XML: XML for Designers

Adobe Flash Catalyst

What a great idea from Adobe! As a person with a strong print background, who only dabbled with rich content and animation in college, this is a GREAT and intuitive tool! I like to refer to Flash Catalyst as “Friendly Flash“. The good folks at Adobe have made convenient pull downs, drag and drop procedures, and more, to make it easy for those of us that would rather stay away from coding. Adobe’s goal was to make an animation and interactivity tool for people strongly rooted in print. The idea was to take what “print users” may know from programs such as InDesign and Illustrator and translate that same work-flow and knowledge base into multimedia creation.

Interested in finding out more? Join us August 31st for a FREE EVENT, where we will be demonstrating this fantastic software tool! For more information or training on Adobe’s exciting new software suite, CS5, please visit us: http://www.ascendtraining.com

Class Schedule: http://www.ascendtraining.com/schedule.php
Flash Catalyst Course Outline: http://www.ascendtraining.com/outline.php?id=244
Events: http://www.ascendtraining.com/events.php

Freelancer Fiesta!

Join us for a freelancer extravaganza on July 21st! Ascend Training and the Chicago Area Adobe User group will enable freelancers and those looking for talent to come together and share their samples and upcoming projects. Ascend has served the Chicago creative community for 10 years, and The Chicago Area Adobe User Group is the longest-running user group in the area. Held at the Ascend Chicago facility at 410 S. Michigan Ave. Those using Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign or other creative applications are encouraged to attend.