iPhone Nano, or Big Screen iPod? What’s Next from Apple?

While we sit chewing our nails deciding to run out and buy the new iPhone 3G, one can only wonder how much time it will be before Mr. Jobs’ “Next Big Thing” will be? I myself could use the more accurate GPS navigation, but can’t help but wonder which will come first: A 32 GB iPhone, or an iPhone Nano?

Reuters has announced that on July 5th, Apple filed a patent application that leads us to believe that an iPhone Nano is headed down the pipeline. IPod and iPhone accessory maker Digital Lifestyle also submitted a patent application for a new dock, to support a “telephonic portable digital media storage and playback device.”


Rumors have been swirling for over a year that an iPhone nano is emminant,  but does it make sense to cannabalize the larger sized iPhone when sales are higher than if there were a Beatles reunion tomorrow.

On the other hand, even with the recent decrease in initial cost of the iPhone, by raising the user-fee, it actually costs more to operate over a 1 year period. If an iPhone Nano did hit the streets with the same success as its’ predacessor, Apple could reap millions on the backend. And let’s not overlook the ramifications of the iPhone on Macintosh computers. The more people fall in love with their iPhones, the more OSX operating Macs will be sold. Apple sold nearly 2.5 million Macs this quarter, the highest number ever.

While I’m not sold on the release this year of an iPhone Nano, what does seem likely is a Big Screen iPod Nano. Apple Legal sent takedown notices to both Gizmodo and 9to5Mac who both obtained images of a big screen iPod Nano. 

- Jori Curry