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Photoshop CS6 at your fingertips

Being a designer means working to deadlines - which means time is always of the essence. Working quickly and efficiently within Photoshop is essential and there comes a point when your poor mouse just can't scurry around the screen fast enough to keep up. Adobe have always included keyboard shortcuts to reduce the little guy's [...]

Adobe Ends Creative Suite Subscriptions

With the upcoming Creative Cloud, Adobe has eliminated their subscription service for the Creative Suite. The Creative Cloud will include access to all Creative Suite applications and also the new Touch Apps. It also will include file sharing and online storage. The cost will be $49.99 per month. Adobe is still making subscriptions to individual [...]

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Photoshop Express – Photoshop for the iPhone/iPad!

Yes, Adobe has made a version of Photoshop for iPhones and iPads, and the best part? IT'S FREE! Here is a link to a video that demos this new app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hui0p_qI-Q This is a great application for photographers looking to edit their photos on the go or for casual user who would like to edit [...]

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Upcoming Events!

Winter free Adobe events at Ascend Training!

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Smarter Saves with Adobe Bridge Collections

Create collections without moving files from their original folders with Adobe Bridge!

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Photoshop CS5 Layer Comps

Photoshop's Layer Comps make viewing different versions of files easy!

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Photoshop CS5 New Paste Features

Adobe Photoshop CS5 offers new pasting capabilities!

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Content Aware Scale: Magical Transformations!

Learn how to use Photoshop CS4's Content Aware Scale to make amazing transformations while leaving some areas intact.

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Pano for the iPhone: A Mini Photoshop Photomerge App

Pano for iPhone: A mini Photoshop Photomerge!

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Photoshop CS4 Solution: Show All Menu Items

While working in the beta of Photoshop CS4, it became apparent that there were many menu items that Adobe deemed not necessary and had hidden. What was a annoyance at first has become a full fledged speed bump since many of those items I use every day. While it is possible to go to Edit [...]

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