Adobe Video Basics: Intro to Premiere Pro & After Effects 2017-03-06T11:48:52+00:00

Length: 2 Days
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May 8-9
Aug 3-4
Nov 2-3

Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Authorized Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this Adobe Authorized video class live in Chicago or online via our RemoteLIVE program.



Attendees must have solid computer skills.

Adobe Video Basics: Intro to Premiere Pro and After Effects

Premiere Pro Video Training

Jump into video and learn how to create and edit complete video projects for the web, apps and production. Learn the best options for platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Create transitions, titles and seamless compositions. Learn the basics of animation and motion graphics with Adobe After Effects.

  • Intro to Premiere Pro and the fundamentals of editing video.
  • How is Premiere Pro different from After Effects?
  • Understanding the Premiere Pro interface including the Timeline and Clips.
  • Working with the different video and audio file formats.
  • Understanding the best file format for YouTube, TV, Web.
  • Exploring different video and audio file formats such as Quicktime, MPV.
  • Understanding frame size and the amount of frames.
  • Importing media from your computer or file-based media.
  • Understanding how the Timeline controls your movie.
  • How the Timeline consists of multiple audio and video tracks.
  • Trim and rearrange clips on your Timeline.
  • Add audio and transitions to your movie.
  • Understand Sequences.
  • Exporting the Timeline as a movie.
  • Easily output your movie for video, the web, mobile devices etc.
  • Adding Titles to your Premiere Pro video.
  • Ensuring your Title has the correct sequence settings for your video.
  • Placing Titles in the Timeline and adjusting speed and length.
  • Understanding how Premiere Pro imports and exports audio.
  • Creating and adjusting basic audio effects.
  • Exporting the movie as a 5.1 audio file.
  • Adding basic animation with Adobe After Effects.
  • Understanding the difference between Projects and Compositions.
  • Working with Layers and the Timeline.
  • Animating type in After Effects.
  • After Effects export and import features.