Length: 5 Days

Cost: $2390

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

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iPhone, iPod, iPad Application Development Level 1

Class Description

Learn to develop iPhone and iPad Apps from the ground up in our 5 day comprehensive class! You will learn to master the APIs in the latest version of iOS and leave with the ability to develop and deploy to the iTunes store. Students will experience hands-on coding from our expert Objective-C developer and published author.

Class Prerequisites

Some programming skills and exposure to Objective-C. Please contact us for prerequisite training if you are new to programming.

About this Course

This iPhone iPad is taught in iOS 5.0 SDK. Students experience a 5 day immersive experience in which they learn to develop for iOS inside and out. Learn to plan, design, develop, build iPhone/iPad apps and upload apps to the App Store. Students should have some experience with Objective-C, C++ or Object Oriented Programming prior to taking this course.

iPhone, iPad, iPod Tools of the Trade

  • Learning the tools provided with Xcode
  • Understanding Navigation and how it is best used on iPhones and iPads
  • Using sample building to learn the different views
  • Using the toolbar to rotate images
  • Utlizing principles for alerts and the action sheet
  • Learning use of the Interface Builder

User Interface Design

  • Designing a user interface while taking into account guideline differences based on the device
  • Designing custom table view cells in Interface Builder
  • Creating text boxes and revealing the keyboard
  • Working with various input objects such as text fields, combo boxes, and revealing the keyboard to take input
  • Handling touch events
  • Creating hand gestures
  • Simplify recognition of hand gestures with UIGestureRecognizer

Saving and Utilizing Data

  • Loading a property list file
  • Linking data from RootViewController using DetailViewController
  • Processing application preferences with Settings.bundle
  • Reading from and writing to preferences for applications
  • Defining preference hierarchys for applications
  • Using property lists vs. Core Data to store information

Accessing Media Stored on the iPhone

  • Accessing the iPod library for music
  • Using iOS 4 AVPlayer for video
  • Adding a movie player to applications using MPMoviePlayerViewController

Implementing Notifications

  • Registering to receive notifications
  • Using NSNotificationCenter
  • Adding local notification

Testing Your Application

  • Finding memory leaks using build and analyze with the instruments tool
  • Creating Unit Test application targets
  • Making a Unit Test Bundle
  • Running the unit tests on the device or simulator and the difference between the two

Adding Your Application to the App Store

  • Joining the iAd Network
  • Incorporating iAds in your application
  • Preparing your application for submission
  • Submitting your application