Length: 2 Days

Cost: $975

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

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Unavailable: Adobe Illustrator CS5 Level 1: Fundamentals to Intermediate

Class Description

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Level 1: Fundamentals to Intermediate is an introductory course for designers and budding developers new to the Illustrator CS5 environment, or those that have not had formal training. Students will produce an exciting graphic project using both the classic features and the new and improved tools in Illustrator CS5. Students will leave this class with the ability to create and incorporate vector graphics projects. Please contact us regarding pricing and availability. Prerequisite: Students must have strong computer skills and exposure to graphic design concepts.

Class Prerequisites

Solid computer skills, Mac or Windows.

About Adobe Illustrator CS5

  • Understanding the difference between Adobe programs, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat etc.
  • Using Adobe Bridge CS5 to View, Open & Oragnize
  • Work with Bridge to manage files from Illustrator, InDesign & Acrobat

Creating Documents in Illustrator

  • Creating new Illustrator documents
  • Setting artboard size and color space, setting up different artboard sizes, and exporting onr or all artboards to PDF
  • Opening documents created in other programs and saving as an Illustrator file (.ai), EPS, and PDF
  • Understanding the Illustrator interface - windows, panels, tools, & customizing the workspace
  • Navigating the document - zoom commands and shortcuts, viewing the non printing items on the page

Selecting Illustrator Objects

  • Using the Selection, Direct Selection and Group Selection Tools and other items in the Select Menu
  • Using the Select Menu or Magic Wand Tool to select similar items

Drawing in Illustrator

  • Shapes: Oval, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Star and Polygon
  • Lines: Arc, line segment, pencil, rectangular grid, polar grid and spiral tools
  • Transforming objects with the scale, shear, rotate & reflect tools.
  • Grouping, ungrouping, locking and hiding objects.
  • Using Group isolation mode
  • Using the new Draw Inside command

Text in Illustrator

  • Artistic vs. paragraph text, when to click and when to click and drag witht the Text Tool
  • Text on a path, including text on ovals, circles, and lines
  • Creating outlines from text and creating new font shapes
  • Character palette: size, kerning, baseline shift, horizontal & vertical scaling

Format Objects

  • Using Strokes - Dashed lines, joins, caps, weight and color
  • Fill & stroke options on the tool panel & how they work with the stroke, color & swatches palettes
  • Using offset strokes inside, outside or in the center of a path

Colors, Swatches & Gradients

  • Creating process, spot, web & PantoneĀ® colors then adding and saving them to the swatches palette
  • Appending swatches from other documents to pull colors into the active document
  • Specifying and changing Global or Non-Global colors
  • Using the Live Color features
  • Creating and applying gradients to objects, using the new gradient opacity, & interacting with gradients on screen

Layers & Effects

  • Creating new Layers, changing the stacking order, moving an object from one layer to another, selecting objects with the layers palette and locking and hiding layers
  • Applying a basic fill and stroke with the Appearance panel
  • Understanding how the Appearance panel works with Effects
  • Applying, modifying and deleting effects on objects

Drawing in Illustrator

  • Using the pen tool to draw straight lines then adding and deleting points along a path
  • Understanding the basics of Bezier drawing with the pen tool
  • Using the pencil tool - Freeform drawing and editing with this powerful way to modify a path
  • Learning the Shape Modes - Add, Subtract, Intersect and Exclude, also understanding how using these "live objects" will revolutionize the way you work
  • Live Paint Group - understanding the difference from grouping objects to painting them with live paint
  • Using the new Shape builder tool to create a new shape from overlapping areas
  • Using the Blob Brush to draw in vector
  • Using the Eraser tools

Fun Illustrator Features

  • Using Clipping Masks to put artwork inside of a shape
  • Using Compound Paths in conjunction with Clipping Masks
  • Blending basics, turning shapes from on to the other, & using to make highlights in an object
  • Using the new Perspective Grid tool to draw on a perspective plane

Saving Your Works in Illustrator

  • Saving a .ai file to be placed into InDesign and other programs
  • Placing a .ai file into Photoshop
  • Exporting to .png, .jpg, .psd, & .swf
  • Using other file formats from Illustrator