Length: 2 Days

Cost: $995

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

Upcoming Dates:

  • Jan 18 - 19
  • Apr 28 - 29
  • Aug 8 - 9


Creating HTML Emails: Building and Broadcasting Successful HTML Email Class

Class Description

This 2 day class is for those who want to create effective email marketing campaigns. You will learn how to use HTML to create email layouts, forms, import graphics, and formatting with CSS. Best practices to avoid being tagged as a Spammer will also be covered. Students leave with comprehensive skills to return to the office and work with e-marketing.

Class Prerequisites

Solid computer skills, Mac or Windows.

Effective Techniques for HTML Marketing

  • Overview of HTML email and classic marketing techniques
  • Email marketing benefits: Inexpensive, quick response cycles, measurable results
  • Deciding between Special Offers, Invitations and Stay in Touch
  • Email types and structure
  • Why HTML emails fail
  • Proper font sizes and colors
  • The dangers of unsolicited bulk email practices
  • National laws for commercial email and how to avoid being tagged as a spammer
  • The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003: Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing

HTML Basics

  • Overview of HTML code and structure
  • Writing HTML Code by hand versus writing HTML code using Dreamweaver
  • The future of HTML5

Cascading Style Sheet Basics

  • Overview of CSS code and application
  • HTML vs. CSS Formatting
  • Understanding the CSS Box Model and the HTML default formatting
  • Formatting text and objects
  • Creating compound selectors and custom classes

HTML Email strategy

  • Goals of HTML email and alternatives to HTML-based email
  • Getting the most out of HTML email campaigns and strengthening brand awareness to builds customer relationships
  • Effectively using graphics to enhance your message
  • How the time of the week affects your results
  • Gauging the reaction after the email hits
  • Using email marketing as a forum for collecting information and the risk of overloading with too many emails
  • Evaluating your Click-Through Rate

Creating an Email Layout

  • Overview of designing HTML email
  • Using one of Dreamweaver's CSS-based layouts as a base for your email
  • Adding background images and colors
  • Using and understanding <div> components
  • Modifying page width and background color
  • Adding text, lists and tables to email content
  • Using tables for Broadcast Email and to create multi-column layouts
  • Formatting tables with CSS

Formatting HTML email with CSS

  • Overview of CSS code and structure
  • Formatting email with embedded CSS, linked CSS and inline CSS

Using images in HTML Email

  • Limitations of using images in HTML email and benefits of text
  • Staging images for HTML email
  • Creating alternative content for email images

Using Forms in HTML Email

  • Overview of collecting data from HTML email: Pros and Cons of using forms in email
  • Adding form elements and formatting form elements with CSS
  • Setting up form behaviors
  • Alternate methods of collecting data

Creating HTML Email

  • Working with thumbnails and wireframes
  • Adding static content and dynamic content
  • Setting up an email broadcast campaign and sending out the email

Comparing Broadcast Email Services

  • Description of broadcast services
  • Cost comparison of broadcast services
  • Contract vs. Do-it-yourself services