Length: 2 Days

Cost: $895

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

Upcoming Dates:


Wordpress Level 1: Building Websites and Blogging - Class Available Upon Request

Class Description

Wordpress makes it easy for any computer user to create webpages and blogs. This 2 day Level 1 class will teach you to easily develop and customize your own website. Wordpress is a free online application that allows users to create beautiful pages that you can incorporate your own logos, images or photos into.

Class Prerequisites

Solid computer skills, Mac or Windows.

Basic Web Topics

  • What is HTML and how does it create websites?
  • Understanding file formats such as JPG, GIF and PNG to import into your website.
  • Comprehending how Search Engines find web pages.
  • Understanding the difference betweeen Static and Dynamic webpages.

About Wordpress

  • What is Wordpress and how is it different from Adobe Dreamweaver?
  • How is a Blog different from a website?
  • Why use Worpress for Blogs and web pages?
  • How does Wordpress use HTML?
  • About Search Engines.
  • Wordpress for Mobile Devices.

Setting Up Your Wordpress Account

  • Choosing a Domain Name
  • Ensuring Search Engines can see your site.

The Wordpress Dashboard and Interface

  • Using the behind the scenes interface where your settings and content are stored.
  • The different tools and navigation to create your Blog or Webpage.
  • Modifying settings and adding taglines.
  • Uploading main images.

Creating Webpages with Wordpress

  • Using Templates for consistent webpages.
  • Creating links to other pages, other websites or downloads.
  • Choosing from Wordpress themes.
  • Adding and formatting text to your page.
  • Creating Subpages.
  • Working with the Administration Panel to access your pages.
  • Creating your own templates for Wordpress Pages.
  • Developing pages so that Search Engines "see" them.

Developing a Blog

  • Deciding what topic to use for a blog.
  • What are Widgets and how you can cusgtomize your Blog by incorporating them.
  • Blogrolls and using the Links Widget.

The Wordpress Blog Page Interface

  • Creating headlines and body content.
  • Using the Visual Editor to see a more friendly interface.
  • Adding links to your blog.
  • Publishing your blog post.
  • Editing already published blogs.

Importing Graphics

  • Using the Image icon to incorporate JPG, GIF or PNG files.
  • Adding captions, Titles, and links to graphics.
  • Adding video to your blog via YouTube.

Getting Seen!

  • Adding tags to your blog posting.
  • What kind of word combinations are effective?
  • Viewing the "Tag Surfer."
  • Why comments and sharing are important.
  • Viewing Blog Stats.