Length: 5 Days

Cost: $2990

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

Upcoming Dates:


Unavailable: Adobe Flash CS5.5 for Android: Building and Deploying Android Apps

Class Description

This 5 day class is designed for current Actionscript users to develop and design Flash apps for Android. You will learn how Flash designers their Flash CS5 environment to publish Android apps. Students will learn how you can take current knowledge of ActionScript to add interactivity to mobile apps, including games. By the end of this class, students will have created their first Android application using Flash CS5.

Setting up Flash CS5 for Android Development

  • Setting  up Flash CS5 on both Windows and Mac platforms
  • Learn to configure Android SDK Publish Setting
  • Building and testing Android Apps using Flash CS5
  • How Adobe AIR works on on the Android OS
  • Flash Player functionality on Android  Phones
  • Creating Android content in Flash CS5 for Android

Building Solutions for Android

  • Properly designing Apps for Mobile OS deployment
  • Converting existing Flash content for Android
  • Controlling Fonts
  • When to use PNG files over Vector
  • Setting up the development environment
  • Buiding and running your app on Android

Rapidly Protyping with Little or No Code

  • Setting up the Stage in Flash CS5
  • Creating Animation, controlling sound and video
  • Using Components to speed up the development cycles
  • Adding Flash Components
  • Binding data between Flash components
  • Which Components to avoid
  • Using UI & Media Components
  • Using Media Components
  • Formatting Component Styles


  • Taking your knowledge of ActionScript to add interactivity to your mobile apps
  • The structure of ActionScript 3.0 API
  • Using ActionScript Libraries
  • Controlling time with ActionScript
  • Animating your content with ActionScript and using Audio in your Apps
  • Using Variables and Functions
  • Publishing an ActionScript built app for Android

Leveraging Custom Android Interface Calls with ActionScript

  • Working with Multitouch, Gestures, Accelerometer and Geo-Location
  • Understanding Adobe's many mobile specific programmable interfaces you can use with ActionScript
  • Using your finger to interact with applications
  • Interpreting orientation through ActionScript to change the display for proper screen position
  • Use ActionScript to communicate with the Android phone Geo-Location services


  • Understanding Geo-Location and how it works
  • Adding Geo-Location to your Apps with ActionScript
  • Caution on when to use Geo-Location

Android Hardware Optimization and AIR

  • Control the microphone, reecord video
  • Add Rich HTML into your Flash Android APP for AIR
  • Using the Accelerometer to control motion

Building Flash Games and Deploying the App

  • Getting Started with Game Development
  • Working with Game Engines to focus on the game insterad of writing physics engines for each game
  • Adding 3D using Game Engines
  • Optimizing Flash CS5 for Android Development
  • Testing and debugging Apps using Android Tools
  • Controlling Frames per Second
  • Testing and debugging Apps using Android Tools
  • Building Apps for deployment on the Android Market Place