Length: 3 Days

Cost: $1475

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

Upcoming Dates:

  • May 27 - 29
  • Jul 13 - 15
  • Aug 17 - 19
  • Oct 12 - 14
  • Dec 14 - 16


Web and App Development Level 1: HTML5 & CSS

Class Description

Learn to build a strong foundation with HTML 5 and Dreamweaver to create web pages and apps. Learn to read and write code using HTML5 markup, CSS3, and HTML5 JavaScript APIs. Understand the new HTML 5 tags, how to properly use them, and what to be aware of as you design your new web sites. CSS3, JavaScript and advanced use of the canvas tag will also be incorporated. Students will learn the new image controls HTML 5 provides including the new Bitmap image formats through interactive vector based image control in both 2D and 3D. Learn how to utilize Adobe Dreamweaver to put the pieces together and publish your website.

Class Prerequisites

Solid computer skills, Mac or Windows.

About HTML 5

  • Understand how to use HTML5 code and how HTML is a work in progress
  • Key features of HTML and why it is important
  • How HTML 5 has improved with support for the latest multimedia technologies

New HTML Tags for Designers

  • The transition from HTML4 to HTML5 and new capabilities including video and animation
  • CSS1, CSS2, and evolving JavaScript, XML and data, Core Tag Language enhancements
  • CSS Tags as a supplement to HTML

Working with HTML5

  • Modifications to sections such as using the SECTION and ACTION tags
  • Using the HEADER and FOOTER Tags
  • New Text Level semantic additions such as the MARK, TIME and PROGRESS Tags
  • How forms have changed in HTML5, Displaying data with the DISPLAY and DATAGRID settings
  • Migrating your webistes to work with the new HTML5 standard

CSS3 for Designers

  • Understanding CSS
  • How Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) builds upon CSS1 and CSS2 for a comprehensive tool-set
  • Designing your page with CSS to control font display and interactive elements
  • Embedding fonts and adding text effects
  • Understanding enhanced Border Control
  • Using CSS3 for simple animations
  • Adding image controls with HTML 5 from new Bitmap image formats
  • Incorporating interactive vector based image control in 2D and 3D

Images and Illustrations in HTML5 and Dreamweaver

  • Working with Bitmap images: JPEG, GIF and PNG files
  • Introducing Vector Images to the web and the death of VML
  • When to use Flash and when to use HTML and Javascript
  • Introducing SVG and CANVAS Tag
  • Working with 2D and 3D formatting with CANVAS
  • Adding color, lines, text and controlling shapes, Applying transformations and shadow effects
  • Adding interactivity with JavaScript

Video and Audio in HTML 5

  • How HTML 5's VIDEO and AUDIO tags bring a single, unified standard for video and eliminate third party software
  • Streaming media throgh Rich Internet Applications
  • Using Flash to deliver video
  • Video tags support in Mobile phones
  • Controlling AUDIO and VIDEO tags
  • Setting up traditional video/audio servers to communicate with HTML5 code

JavaScript to add Interactivity

  • How to leverage Open Source JavaScript Libraries to quickly build Web applications
  • Integrating JavaScript into CSS, HTML, SVG and CANVAS
  • Elevating JavaScript with AJAX, Data control with XML in AJAX
  • Using SPRY AJAX Libraries