Length: 3 Days

Cost: $1595

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

Upcoming Dates:

  • Dec 1 - 3
  • Apr 18 - 20


Web Interactivity with jQuery & Javascript

Class Description

Learn how to add complex and elegant web UIs with less code with jQuery. Students learn how to manipulate CSS with jQuery, ensure visual consistency, and create animated drop-downs.Learn to write jQuery selectors, manipulate DOM elements, add and remove elements with appending, prepending and wrapping tags. Prerequisite: Basic understanding of HTML and CSS

Class Prerequisites

Basic understanding of HTML and CSS

Introducing jQuery

  • The jQuery Advantage: A JavaScript library simplifying web effects with less code
  • How jQuery makes it easier to create animations, handle events, and navigate
  • Adding complex interactions with less code
  • The power of JavaScript libraries
  • Where to get it.
  • Creating drag-and-drop interfaces

Selecting using CSS

  • Standard CSS manipulation with jQuery
  • Applying CSS to User Interface elements for visual consistency
  • CSS3 selector support: Select elements on an HTML page to be styled
  • Selecting elements by container and child
  • jQuery specific selectors to match a set of elements
  • jQuery filters

Modifying Tag Appearance

  • Getting and setting inline styles
  • Adding and removing classes

Adding simple interaction

  • Create multi-level, animated dropdowns
  • Showing and hiding with the jQuery event model
  • Adding event listeners
  • Using toggle events
  • Sliding up and down
  • Creating, understanding & controlling event propagation

Adding and removing elements from your page

  • Appending
  • Prepending
  • Insert Into
  • Wrapping new tags around content
  • Changing content within tags

Working with forms and tables

  • Exploring plug ins for forms and tables
  • Turning a web form into a wizard with jQuery
  • Validating forms
  • Hinting
  • Autocomplete


  • Use jQuery effects to create slideshows and lightboxes
  • Animating CSS properties
  • Easing
  • Color Animation Plugin
  • Chaining Animations
  • More power with jQuery UI

External Content and AJAX

  • Request data without having to reload the page
  • Loading and using XML
  • Loading JSON Data
  • Loading and using subsets of HTML