Length: 3 Days

Cost: $1495

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

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Javascript Web Interactivity

Class Description

JavaScript is a free scripting language that is used to add interactivity to HTML pages. It can help pages feel more dynamic and give feedback to users. Students will learn about the different programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript. Form validation and basic animations will also be covered.

Class Prerequisites

Prior programming experience and a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Previously taken jQuery helpful.

What is Programming or Scripting?

  • I'm a designer...why learn about programming?
  • How understanding programming can be helpful
  • What are my options?
    • What languages are used?
    • Which should I learn?
    • What tools do I use to create/write these languages?
    • What does it cost and where does it go?

Getting started programming

  • Basic HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and how it translates to the web
  • Learn to read and understand simple code
  • How Dreamweaver and other apps generate HTML
  • Working with HTML markup tags
  • What is a statement?
  • Anatomy of a statement
  • Commenting your code
  • Creating variables to store program information
  • Naming conventions
  • Types of data
    • Numbers
    • Strings
    • Booleans
    • Arrays
    • Associative Arrays
  • Manipulating data with operations
  • Conditional statements and loops
    • If, if-else and else-if statements
    • Switch statements
    • For loops
    • while loops
    • do while loops
  • Creating reusable code with functions
    • arguments
    • returning data
  • Creating complex structures as Objects

Working with the HTML document

  • Understanding the DOM (document object model)
  • How the DOM is language-independent and can interact with other documents
  • Retrieving the page element you want
  • Changing HTML tag attributes

Working with events

  • Event Handlers that trigger actions
  • Event Listeners
  • Browser inconstencies

Animating with JavaScript

  • Starting, stopping and timing animations
  • Creating linear animations
  • Adding easing for more natural movement

Enhancing forms with scripting

  • Form validation
  • Making fields required
  • Using Regular Expressions
  • Custom Controls