Length: 2 Days

Cost: $1095

Time: 9am - 4pm

Free Retakes: 8 Months

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Adobe InDesign/XML

Class Description

This workshop is designed to teach current intermediate to advanced InDesign users how to use XML within InDesign for print and Web applications. You will learn how to create basic XML files and produce a variety of projects in InDesign, including: business cards, catalogs and direct mail postcards using XML data. Additionally, you will learn how to export existing InDesign layouts to XML for reuse on the Web and in other print applications. Please contact us regarding pricing and availability.

Class Prerequisites

Adobe InDesign Level 1 or equivalent experience.

Adobe InDesign and XML: A Designer's Guide

XML is everywhere today. It's on the Web, it's used in print, it's even on your cell phone! Did you know that Adobe InDesign has some of the most powerful XML features of any page layout program right out of the box? XML is a tagging language, similar to HTML, developed to enable users to identify and publish data quickly in multiple forms. Combine XML content and the layout and presentation control of Adobe InDesign software and you create a powerful automated publishing workflow. With its rich scripting support and flexible XML options, InDesign provides a strong foundation for you to set up custom solutions that meet your publishing requirements.

This two-day, hands-on workshop teaches you everything you need to get started using XML for your own projects. We provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of InDesign’s built-in features of XML in InDesign specifically geared for designers. You need no prior knowledge of XML to take this class, but should be at least an intermediate-level user of InDesign to get the most out of the training. All examples used in the training are based on real-world, professionally designed projects.

XML Basics

  • XML description and history
  • Create XML using text editor
  • Export XML from database
  • Database strategies
  • InDesign XML Basics

Create XML layouts in InDesign

  • XML tag basics
  • Create and edit tags
  • Apply tags to InDesign text and objects
  • Importing XML into InDesign

Import XML

  • Set XML import options
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Learn how to flow XML into layouts
  • Advanced InDesign XML Features

Cloning text elements

  • Using tagged Text Frames
  • Using tagged Graphic Frames
  • Using tagged Anchored Frames
  • Using XML for variable data printing

Designing with XML

  • Mapping Tags to Paragraph and Character Styles
  • Using Paragraph Spacing and Keep Settings
  • Master Page usage
  • Strategies for structured XML documents
  • Exporting XML

Applying XML tags

  • Mapping Paragraph and Character Styles to XML Tags
  • Exporting XML for Web applications
  • Exporting XML for Print applications
  • DTD and XSL

Exporting XML

  • XML Export Basics
  • Mapping Styles to Tags
  • Creating XML- and HTML-aware layouts
  • Creating HTML from InDesign

XSLT Basics

  • XSLT overview
  • Applying XSLT on Import
  • Applying XSLT on Export
  • Creating XSLT in Dreamweaver

The ABCs of DTDs

  • Loading DTDs in InDesign
  • Using DTDs to populate tag list
  • Using DTDs to validate imported XML files
  • Troubleshooting XML structures

Sample projects:

  • Explore the application of XML in real world, professionally designed projects, including:
  • Business cards
  • Cookbooks
  • World Atlas/Encyclopedias
  • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Catalogs
  • Ad management systems