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Time: 9am - 4pm

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Adobe AIR, Adobe Integrated Runtime: Building Desktop Applications with Flex

Class Description

This 2-day course will include everything you need to get started building applications with AIR. Flex developers will learn to create rich applications for deployment on the desktop. Learn how to interact with the windowing API and file system, drag and drop to the desktop, handle data persistence, and more. We'll also discuss how to easily package and distribute AIR applications. Please contact us for pricing and availability. Prerequisite: Solid Flex development skills are required for this course.

Introducing the course

Introducing Mastery Learning
Understanding the course format
Reviewing the course prerequisites
Reviewing the course outline

Introducing Adobe Integrated Runtime

Exploring the AIR Development Toolset
Reviewing the AIR tools for Flex Builder 4

Getting Started with AIR

Creating your first AIR application
Packaging and deploying applications
Learning AIR Fundamentals
Getting help

Creating Native Windows

Creating a window
Manipulating windows
Using Window Events
Modifying the Window Display
Using the File System
Using the Flex 4 AIR components

Using the File system

Using file streams
Working with file formats

Connecting Applications

Communicating between applications
Using HTML content
Communicating with the browser
Getting occasionally connected

Using the clipboard

Moving data with copy and paste
Using the drag-and-drop
Setting system tray notifications

Persisting Application Data

Using an embedded SQL databases
Using SQL statements
Working with data types
Understanding AIR Security

Considering AIR security

Signing an application
Understanding application updates

Customizing Application Deployment

Setting the application's desktop icon
Customizing application chrome
Creating a seamless installer
Demo: Review the badging process
Summary and Review