Adobe After-Effects Hands-On and Online Training Classes

Hands-on training in Adobe After Effects with a free 8 month retake policy. Taught by industry experts, out unparalleled classes are the best in the industry.

Adobe After Effects Level 1

This class will introduce the Adobe After Effects software and take the student from start to finish on a basic animation project using most of After Effects' standard features.

Students will learn about the integrated vector paint tools with Photoshop-style brushes, all-new motion tracking, Render Automation, keying, and many other features.

Adobe After Effects Level 2

Adobe After Effects is the industry leader for Video Composting that allows you to create QuickTime movies for output on the Web, DVD/Bluray, full-motion broadcast quality video for television or live internet stream . You will learn how to mix a number of still images together to create a moving texture. Placing Compositions into other Compositions, using Keyframes & Layers, and Effective Rendering techniques will also be covered.

What type of Class do you Need?

Hands-On Classroom Training in Chicago

Our training center is in downtown Chicago in which each student is provided their own computer, Mac or Windows. Our Photoshop class size maxes out at 10 students, and include a free 8 month retake policy.

Online Training

We also offer online training that you can participate in anywhere. Online classes follow the same teacher-student style, but you participate remotely. You can ask questions, and interact with other students the same way you would at our Chicago facility.

Onsite Training

We also can send an instructor to your office and deliver customized Photoshop training. We are happy to incorporate any projects or files into the class. If you have a group, this can be more cost effective.