Adobe InDesign Classes in Chicago, 8 Months Free Retakes

Hands-on and online training classes in Adobe InDesign with free retakes for 8 months. Taught by industry experts bringing real-world experience to the classroom. Take the class at our downtown Chicago facility, or remotely online anywhere in the world.

Adobe Creative cloud bootcamp: intro to indesign, illustrator and photoshop

This 3-day class is in a quick-start format for new users to Creative Cloud. Learn how to use InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge, and how they work together. This class is the fastest way for creative professionals to get up and running Adobe's Creative Cloud applications.

Adobe InDesign Level 1

You are new to publishing and have not used Adobe InDesign before

Adobe InDesign Level 1: Fundamentals to Intermediate, explores the use of the most powerful desktop publishing program on the market. Students will use frames to place text and graphics, learn typography and paragraph formatting, and explore how to draw and manipulate objects and graphics.

Adobe InDesign Level 2

Students have solid experience in Adobe InDesign and want to learn the advanced features

InDesign Level 2: Advanced Master Class is for those who want to take their InDesign skills to the next level. Explore typographical and design capabilities. Students create complex long and short documents with advanced customization. Learn to create engaging, content rich pages for both print and tablets.

Adobe InDesign & XML

Learn to use the XML functions within InDesign for catalogs, business cards, or other data driven projects

This workshop is designed to teach current intermediate to advanced InDesign users how to use XML within InDesign for print and Web applications.You will learn how to create basic XML files and product.

Adobe InDesign DPS: Publications for Mobile and Tablets

Current Adobe InDesign users who want to create magazines for the iPad, Kindle Fire, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets

Learn to create highly designed, immersive content for tablets and mobile with Adobe InDesign. Create complex documents such as magazines using this turnkey hosted service. See how magazines such as such as WIRED and The New Yorker have transitioned to iPad DPS apps with InDesign. Develop for both the iPad and mobile devices.

Adobe InDesign DPS Level 2: Advanced Magazine Development

Current Adobe InDesign DPS users with some experience creating magazines for the iPad, Kindle Fire, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets

In our DPS Advanced class we will take you to the next level in your understanding of digital magazine design and production. You will be lead through hands-on training to build an entire publication from scratch. You will learn how to put into action the skills you learned in our introductory class.

Adobe InDesign Interactive Apps and HTML5 Publications

Current Adobe InDesign users who want to create interactive documents that work across platforms

Learn the interactive side of Adobe InDesign, and use either Acrobat, or convert InDesign files to HTML5 to view on iPad, smartphones, computers or other digital devices. Understand your alternatives to publishing through DPS, and benefits of PDF and HTML5. Learn to create buttons, links, add animations. Explore the foundations of common interactive elements, like buttons and hyperlinks, and see how to add video content. Learn to create text fields, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and submit buttons. Create Liquid Layouts that can take your InDesign file directly to the web.

Adobe InDesign ePUB: Creating and Publishing eBooks

Current Adobe InDesign users want to translate print publishing skills to creating and publishing eBooks with InDesign and Dreamweaver

Learn how to create and publish Adobe InDesign documents for ePub and mobile with InDesign and Dreamweaver. Understand the electronic workflow for publishing to iPad, Nook, Kindle, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. Learn the differences between images for print versus web, font issues, CSS and more. *Students must have solid InDesign skills before taking the class.

What type of Class do you Need?

Hands-On Classroom Training in Chicago

Our training center is in downtown Chicago in which each student is provided their own computer, Mac or Windows. Our Photoshop class size maxes out at 10 students, and include a free 8 month retake policy.

Online Training

We also offer online training that you can participate in anywhere. Online classes follow the same teacher-student style, but you participate remotely. You can ask questions, and interact with other students the same way you would at our Chicago facility.

Onsite Training

We also can send an instructor to your office and deliver customized Photoshop training. We are happy to incorporate any projects or files into the class. If you have a group, this can be more cost effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Adobe InDesign used for?

A: In a nutshell, InDesign is a desktop publishing application. It’s original purpose was designing for print i.e. leaflet/book/magazine layout and graphic design. It is considered the industry standard, replacing programs like Quark and PageMaker. However it is an incredibly versatile tool which has evolved over the years to allow for incorporation of XML data, the creation of eBooks and stand-alone digital publications (DPS).

Q: Why do my images look pixelated (blurry) in InDesign?

A: By default, when working in InDesign, the images you see in your document are a low-resolution preview. The purpose of this is to reduce strain on your computer’s processor and avoid slowing down performance. To make InDesign display your images in full resolution, simply go to View > Display Performance > High Quality Display.

Q: I am having problems selecting tools in InDesign.

A: This can be caused by a number of things, but is usually solved the same way. Quit InDesign, then hold down Command+Option+Shift+Control keys (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Shift keys (windows) while you launch InDesign again. Keep the keys held down until you see a notification asking to 'Delete InDesign Preferences File'. Release the keys and click Yes. InDesign will start up with all of your workspaces and global defaults restored to factory settings.