Hands-on training in Desktop Publishing with a free 8 month retake policy. Taught by industry experts, our unparalleled classes are the best in the industry.

Adobe InDesign Level 1

You are new to publishing and have not used Adobe InDesign before

Adobe InDesign Level 1: Fundamentals to Intermediate, explores the use of the most powerful desktop publishing program on the market. Students will use frames to place text and graphics, learn typography and paragraph formatting, and explore how to draw and manipulate objects and graphics.

Adobe InDesign Level 1: *Accelerated Pace*

You understand publishing and typography basics and have some exposure to InDesign

Adobe InDesign Level 1: *Accelerated Pace* for Current InDesign Users class is for students who have a knowledge of core InDesign concepts. The benefits of this course over the InDesign Level 1 class are that basic publishing concepts are not covered and when applicable, comparisons of InDesign to QuarkXPress are made.

Adobe InDesign Level 2

Students have solid experience in Adobe InDesign and want to learn the advanced features

InDesign Level 2: Advanced Master Class is for those who want to take their InDesign skills to the next level. In addition, we will cover the new features of InDesign.

Adobe InDesign ePUB: Creating and Publishing eBooks

Current Adobe InDesign users want to translate print publishing skills to creating and publishing eBooks with InDesign and Dreamweaver

Learn how to create and publish Adobe InDesign documents for ePub and mobile with InDesign and Dreamweaver. Understand the electronic workflow for publishing to iPad, Nook, Kindle, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. Learn the differences between images for print versus web, font issues, CSS and more. *Students must have solid InDesign skills before taking the class.

Adobe InDesign DPS: Publications for Mobile and Tablets

Current Adobe InDesign users who want to create magazines for the iPad, Kindle Fire, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets

Learn to create highly designed, immersive content for tablets and mobile with Adobe InDesign. Create complex documents such as magazines using this turnkey hosted service. See how magazines such as such as WIRED and The New Yorker have transitioned to iPad DPS apps with InDesign. Develop for both the iPad and mobile devices.

Adobe InDesign DPS Level 2: Advanced Magazine Development

Current Adobe InDesign DPS users with some experience creating magazines for the iPad, Kindle Fire, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets

In our DPS Advanced class we will take you to the next level in your understanding of digital magazine design and production. You will be lead through hands-on training to build an entire publication from scratch. You will learn how to put into action the skills you learned in our introductory class.

Adobe InDesign & XML: XML for Designers

Learn to use the XML functions within InDesign for catalogs, business cards, or other data driven projects

This workshop is designed to teach current intermediate to advanced InDesign users how to use XML within InDesign for print and Web applications.You will learn how to create basic XML files and product.

Adobe Acrobat X Level 1: PDF Interactivity and Form Design

Adobe Acrobat Professional X: Acrobat PDF Interactivity is a 2-day course that will cover everything from basic electronic document conversion to multimedia projects. Learn to use Acrobat for collaboration on reviews, creating presentations and interactive portfolios with Flash. Learn about creating, editing, and distributing documents, as well as building searchable PDF libraries and catalogs and more!

Adobe Photoshop Level 1

This class is for all levels of Photoshop user. Seasoned users may wish to take this class to fill in "holes" or rid themselves of bad habits in their Photoshop usage. Students will learn about Photoshop Layers, Layer Masks, Smart Objects, Text, Gradients, Adjustment Layers and more. Upon leaving this class, students will be able to create Photoshop images from scratch, and properly manipulate existing images.

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Adobe Photoshop Level 2

This workshop covers the advanced features of Photoshop.You will learn to use Levels & Curves to correct color & tonal range, create complex Layer Masks & Vector Masks, use the History Brush, create Actions & Batch Process files, work with Alpha Channels, properly use Device Central, use Auto Align to create panoramas, and more!

Adobe Illustrator Level 1

Learn to create impressive and complex vector art using Adobe Illustrator. Students will produce exciting and distinctive graphic projects with logos and type effects. Learn about the drawing tools, brushes, and leave this class with the ability to create and incorporate vector graphics projects. Students will learn about the differences between creating images for web and print.

Adobe Illustrator Level 2

Illustrator Level 2 Advanced: will build upon the knowledge obtained in Level I. We will use Effects and Filters and how they differ, and also the Appearance Palette to save a Graphic Style. We will also draw and understand Bezier curves as well as study Layers, new type features to, Transparency, Symbols, Document Profiles and many more exciting new features. Please contact us regarding pricing and availability.

Adobe InCopy: Workflow Integration with InDesign

You are working in a collaborative editorial workflow and need to track content among coworkers

Explore workflow features and learn to organize, assign metadata and make your files more searchable in Bridge. Syncronize your files among those in a workgroup and track content amoung your coworkers and work with alternates and commenting.

What type of Class do you Need?

Hands-On Classroom Training in Chicago

Our training center is in downtown Chicago in which each student is provided their own computer, Mac or Windows. Our Photoshop class size maxes out at 10 students, and include a free 8 month retake policy.

Online Training

We also offer online training that you can participate in anywhere. Online classes follow the same teacher-student style, but you participate remotely. You can ask questions, and interact with other students the same way you would at our Chicago facility.

Onsite Training

We also can send an instructor to your office and deliver customized Photoshop training. We are happy to incorporate any projects or files into the class. If you have a group, this can be more cost effective.