Adobe Illustrator

Beginner Illustrator Training ChicagoAdobe Illustrator Part 1

Learn from the top professionals to create high quality logos, icons, infographics and more. Work with a vast variety of objects, shapes, and text. Add special effects and combine graphics which can be incorporated into any graphic design project, both print and digital. Understand how to apply patterns, gradients and use Adobe Color for cohesive color systems.

Advanced Illustrator Training ChicagoAdobe Illustrator Part 2

Explore more advanced topics such as effects such as Warp, 3-D, and distortion. We will study Layers, new type features, Transparency, Symbols and Brushes. Use the Appearance Panel to add fills, strokes, and effects to shapes and type, then save and use a Graphic Style. Students will draw with many different tools such as pencil, blob, and the shape tool as well as gain an understanding of the pen tool and how Bezier curves really work.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an application used to create vector images such as infographics, logos, flyers, web graphics, diagrams and more.

Why do I need Illustrator? I use Photoshop…

Photoshop is a bitmap application which has limitations on how large you can resize images. Any image in Illustrator is resolution-independent so images could be on a business card or on a billboard. Illustrator is also fantastic if you have something that has exact measurements or requires reusable components.