Uncle Sam steps in between Adobe and Apple

– by Jori Curry

Apple has started an all out war against Adobe Flash, and it seems that the government may soon step in. While Apple vows that the reason is that Flash would diminish battery power on the iPhone and iPad, the reality is that allowing Flash on the iPhone would create a huge hindrance for the Apple App store. The government is investigating whether their policy violates antitrust laws. According to the New York Post, both the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice are vying to be the first to file suit.

In addition to prohibiting Flash on the iPhone/iPad, Apple has also locked out Sun’s Java and Microsoft’s Silverlight. The CEO of Adobe, Shantanu Narayen was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying any crashes have “something to do with the Apple operating System.”  He also called the charges leveraged by Steve Jobs as “Patently false and a smokescreen.”

The backbiting between Adobe and Apple has created a very interesting climate within the creative community. Apple and Adobe users are wildly loyal, and this rift has forced many users to pick sides. Many Flash developers wonder if this is simply Steve Jobs with a Flash-competitor behind the curtain that will be released soon. The underlying question is this: Is this truly an argument about this software not being appropriate for Apple mobile devices, or is this a fight for the future of the video marketplace?