Adobe Captivate: Part 1

Our Adobe Captivate Part 1 class enables students to develop eLearning software materials, educational systems, and interactive learning simulations without programming knowledge. This class is designed for beginner or those with some basic experience who want to create interactive learning systems in a variety of delivery options.

  • Exploring and understanding finished Captivate projects.
  • Navigating a project and workspace.
  • Previewing complete Captivate projects.
•  Starting with a blank project.
•  Adding graphics to placeholders.
•  Inserting and formatting a text button.
•  Working with click sounds.
  • Rehearsing scripts.
  • Review recording settings and modes.
  • Recording custom simulations and panning demonstrations.
  • Working with manual screen recording.
  • Working with Text Captions and default Caption Styles.
  • Changing a Callout Type Used by a Text Caption.
  • Using Control Slide Timing and Control Slide Object Timing.
  • Inserting, Resizing, and Restoring an Image.
  • Using the Library and Managing Unused Project Assets.
  • Editing Images.
  • Insert Characters, eLearning Brother Assets and Cloud Callouts.
  • Creating an Image Mask and Deleting a Slide Background.
  • Working with Photoshop Layers.
  • Image Slideshows.
  • Controlling Mouse Effects and Editing Paths.
  • Cloning Object Styles.
  • Inserting a Highlight Box and Image Buttons.
  • Controlling Appear After Timing.
  • Inserting Rollover Captions, Images & Slidelet.
  • Inserting a Zoom Area.
  • Importing Audio onto a Slide Object and Background Audio.
  • Calibrating a Microphone.
  • Recording Slide Audio.
  • Import and Editing Audio.
  • Converting Text-to-Speech.
  • Inserting a Flash Video and setting Properties.
  • Adding Animation to a slide.
  • Inserting Text Animation.
  • Apply an Effect to a Slide Object and a Free Fall Effect to an Object.
  • Editing Effect Timing.
  • Hiding the Mouse.
  • Replacing Phrases.
  • Inserting a Click Box and a Text Entry Box.
  • Importing PowerPoint slides.
  • Resizing One Object and Applying to All.
  • PowerPoint Edits.
  • Synching With Source and Rescaling a Project.
  • Editing Quizzing Object Styles and Setting the Quiz Preferences.
  • Inserting Question slides and Knowledge Check slides.
  • Creating a Link to a Web Site.
  • Applying a Skin.
  • Editing, Saving and Deleting a Skin.
  • Creating a TOC.
  • Publishing a SWF and PDF.
  • Running the HTML5 Tracker.
  • Publishing as HTML5.
  • Publishing as both SWF and HTML5 (Multiscreen).
  • Exporting Captions.
  • Performing a “Round Trip”.

Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $899

This open-enrollment class is offered online with a live instructor. All instructors are Adobe Certified.

Not eligible for retakes

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