Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $1299


Taught by an Adobe Authorized Expert/Adobe Certified Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this Adobe Authorized Photoshop class live in Chicago or online. *Not eligible for retake.

Upcoming Dates:

2019 Dates TBA


Attendees must have solid computer skills.

Adobe InDesign Interactive: Web Apps, Interactive PDF’s and HTML5 Publications

Adobe InDesign Training

Create engaging, interactive web apps, presentations and pages for desktop, iPad or other mobile devices. Develop interactive forms, interactive PDF files, export HTML5 from InDesign, Magazines and more.

Learn to create buttons, hyperlinks, slide shows, table of contents with text anchors, add animations and more. Place inviting video and audio content and explore the many interactive features and how or if they export to the different platforms. Create fillable forms directly in InDesign: with text fields, checkboxes, drop-down menus, print, clear and submit buttons.

Class Prerequisites
This advanced class assumes you have very Solid InDesign experience, or InDesign Level 1 and/or Level 2.

  • Students should be very comfortable with InDesign, knowing how to format and place text, thread text frames, modify paragraph styles.
  • Rearrange pages, modify Character and Paragraph Styles, place and resize graphics.
  • Understanding differences between printed publications and interactive documents.
  • Differences in design of digital publications: Tablet and Phone.
  • Explore options in creating an InDesign document with interactivity, slide shows, video, audio, hyperlinks, fonts and animation.
  • Preview interactive form creation and distribution: text fields, radio buttons, check boxes etc.
  • Set up your document and consider page design for web, tablet and phone.
  • Working with the Buttons and Forms panel, and PDF Options.
  • Inserting and removing pages, adding text, artwork and images.
  • Understanding differences between print images and web images.
  • Creating slideshows of multiple photos, using a multi-state object.
  • Add buttons to control the advancement of the photos.
  • Use the Object States panel to add interactivity.
  • Create a scrollable frame of text.
  • Adding video and audio– embedded vs. streaming
  • Create video and audio controls.
  • Overview: understanding hyperlinks.
  • Hyperlink to another page or a paragraph within your current document.
  • Create hyperlinks and text anchors with a Table of Contents.
  • Make a logo, photo or frame a hyperlink to another page or file.
  • Hyperlink to an external web page, send an email or link to another file.
  • Create buttons for page navigation: use master pages and layers.
  • Create next and previous page buttons.
  • Create buttons to bring user to a Table of Contents or Index.
  • Use images as buttons and hide a button until triggered.
  • Add transition effects for auto-play: no transition, fade.
  • Use YouTube video’s embed code to place YouTube videos.
  • Overview: SWF, HTML5  vs. InDesign animation formats.
  • Animate an object within InDesign, fade in/out, travel along a line.
  • Explore which export formats will animations display properly on which device.
  • How to export files from Adobe Illustrator and import PNG or SVG files into InDesign.
  • Set navigation points in the video so viewers can skip to specific parts.
  • Grab a still image from your video to set up as a thumbnail poster frame.
  • Creating interactive forms: Adding form fields, dropdown and list menus.
  • Collect and track form data.
  • Use the Buttons and Forms library to access items to design interactive forms.
  • Add unique On, Off, and Hover states for buttons, checkboxes and radio buttons.
  • Create user friendly and accessible forms by assigning a logical tab order.
  • Creating print and special purpose buttons.
  • Make forms in InDesign, then make enhancements in Acrobat.
  • Explore InDesigns forms features and limitations.
  • Select export options, embed page thumbnails and other settings.
  • Add metadata such as creation date, file size, location tags and customized data.
  • Export interactive elements to PDF.
  • Add structure to your PDF by creating a Tagged PDF for searchability.
  • Optimize PDF file sizes for distribution: Understand compression and JPG quality.
  • Distribute interactive PDF files via the Internet.
  • Use the in5 plugin, see examples and create your own.
  • Overview, cost, download, free trial.
  • Set up your InDesign document for successful export.
  • Use the features in the in5 export: thumbnail image, scroll direction, SEO and analytics ect.
  • Export an HTML5 document and learn to put it on the web: your web page, a server or even Dropbox.
  • Learn to send a link as an email and view and save as a “web app” on your tablet.
  • Explore export to DPS alternatives such as Mag+, Twixl Publisher, Aquafadas and more.
  • Understand the service offerings, pricing, and commitment of the DPS alternatives.
  • Explore Other solutions for InDesign export such as ISSUU and the many PDF readers for tablets.

InDesign Interactive
Ascend Training,Chicago,IL-60654
December 18, 2018
December 19, 2018
USD 1299