Final Cut Pro X 101: Video Editing with Final Cut Pro

Length: 3 Days
$1499 with Free Retakes for 8 Months

*This class is scheduled on demand when we have 3 or more students interested in the course.  It is also available as an On-Site or a custom One-on-One training.

Taught by a Final Cut Pro X Expert Level Trainer.


Attendees must have solid computer skills.

Final Cut Pro X 101: Video Editing with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro X

Our Final Cut Pro X training on this non-linear video editing software gives users a solid foundation in video editing techniques. You will learn to log and capture footage, add transitions, mix audio, work with color correction, create titles and more. Students have extensive hands-on real world experiences to master Final Cut Pro X.

NOTE: Apple has discontinued Final Cut Pro 7, and this new version is not compatible with FCP7 files.

  • Working with the menus, Project Library and Timeline.
  • Understanding how projects work within the timeline.
  • The digital video editor workflow: Importing, organizing, placing and editing your final movie.
  • Understanding the difference between “Document Based” and “Non-Document Based”.
  • How the Playhead works within the Event Clip.
  • Importing media into Final Cut Pro X.
  • Understanding subclips and defining a range, and u sing the Skimmer to move over thumbnails.
  • The difference between Event Clips and Timeline Clips.
  • Adding Metadata and keywords to clips and events.
  • The 3 types of FCP Subclips: Analysis, Keywords and Ratings.
  • Using the Keyword Editor, Keyword Shortcut and how to remove and convert tags.
  • Every clip on your timeline can be assigned a role, one audio and one video.
  • Using the new “magnetic timeline” to keep together separate clips when working with the timeline to minimize breaks.
  • Media Management and the relationshiops between your files and video in FCPX.
  • The Project Library: Creating, changing and managing projects.
  • Diving into creating a project, importing from different sources, inserting/changing/editing clips.
  • Exploring the Final Cut Pro X editing tools.
  • Trimming clips.
  • Creating Storylines in FCPX to add transitions.
  • Working with the Transitions Browser.
  • Importing, editing and recording Sound into your timeline.
  • Syncronizing audio and video clips to create new, sychronized compound clips.
  • Using the Enhancement Menu to alter color in your clip.
  • Working with the Exposure tab to adjust contrast.
  • Adding static text to the screen with the Text Generator and using the new Controls Tab window.
  • Superimposing text over video clips.
  • Rendering text and playing it on the timeline.
  • Understanding Compositing and how FCP X lets you easily create Transformation and Distortion effects.
  • Working the Themes, a collection of transitions and titles for a consistent graphical look.
  • Publishing you movie for DVD, Blue-Ray, Apple devices, websites and disc image.