Class Length: 1 Day
Price: $797

Taught by an Authorized Expert/Authorized Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this class live in Chicago or online. *Not eligible for retake.

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Git and GitHub Basics


Git, undoubtedly the most popular version control system, is an essential skill for any developer, whether youre working with a team or as an individual. Gits powerful commands give your project unlimited un-dos, let you experiment with alternative branches and allow you to collaborate with others without fear of overriding others work.

In addition to learning how to organize and track your projects history, youll also learn how to use GitHub, the largest and most popular code sharing network.

  • Why is Git great for programming?
  • Everyday uses for Git
  • Git and GitHub
  • Some basic terminology
  • Looking at the history of an existing project
  • Checking out and comparing versions
  • Terminal command basics for configuring and controlling Git
  • Using Git help
  • Understanding your repos state with git status
  • The commit history – git log
  • Command line flags for looking at each commit
  • Backtracking and undoing
    -Renaming, undoing and deleting files
    Reverting, resetting and cherry picking
  • Creating branches for new features or experimental versions
  • Fast forward merging
  • Resolving merge conflicts
  • Downloading remote repos cloning
  • Connecting and synchronizing with a remote
  • Pushing and pulling
  • Working with others
    -Forking another developer’s repo
    -Reviewing changes
  • Exploring a GitHub repository
  • The art of the README file
  • Creating and sending a pull request
  • Reviewing a pull request
  • Hosting a website with GitHub