Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $999

Taught by a Design professor from an accredited college with small class sizes. You may take this class live in Chicago or online. *Not eligible for retake.

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Graphic Design 101

Graphic Design helps to organize and communicate information in a visually pleasing way. It’s more concise, understandable to others, and ties all the pieces together. This class teaches you to be a better visual communicator – one that inspires confidence, meaningful impact, and gives you instant credibility. You’ll learn the importance of Graphic Design principles, latest trends, and the building blocks of good design through form, color, and typography, for your business or for yourself.

  • Intro to trends – examples of cohesive product design, fashion, ads, color, and style determined in advance.
  • Examples of good vs. bad design – print, email blasts, posters, web sites, product design.
  • Format examples – print, posters, web home pages, email blasts, product packaging, TV & Video, direct mail.
  • Common terms used.
  • Professional differences – a graphic designer, an art director, production designer or marketing designer.
  • Determining your goal – what needs to be communicated, who’s your target audience, how it will be distributed, will other formats need to be designed, and what would you like to happen next (the viewer/reader’s response).
  • Brainstorming ideas and developing rough sketches.
  • Choosing a photographic, illustrative or composite solution.
  • Gathering your assets – is there a branded color palette? Fonts? Company approved or legally licensed Imagery?
  • Choosing your emphasis and organizing the space – hands-on class exercise to create a newsletter (everyone gets a blank, grid-formatted newsletter page and pieces to place into the grid. Students learn to select what headlines, sub-heads and visuals go where to create a structured order. Discussion and comparisons follow.
  • Good design always starts with a main emphasis choice.
  • Designing the space with symmetry vs. asymmetry.
  • Understanding proximity, alignment, contrast, positive or negative space choices.
  • How colors communicate mood, feelings, intensity.
  • Developing your color palette – hands-on class exercise to create a color palette based on a presented theme.
  • How type/font choices communicate a personality, emphasis, intensity, urgency, or other intended feelings.
  • Necessary typography terminology.
  • Using type as visual image.
  • Successful font mixing.
  • Developing your font palette – hands-on class exercise to create a font palette based on a presented theme.
  • Google’s new branded look and what is “material design”.
  • The strategy behind familiar company logos; double entendres.
  • Comparing Presidential logos.
  • Using skills learned, students will create their own company gift card, event print poster or online email blast.
“Over the years, I have never taken a class from Ascend without being able to fully utilize the program the very next day!”
J. Janz, Kent Feeds