Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $1099

Taught by an Authorized Expert/Authorized Instructor with small class sizes. You may take this class live in Chicago or online.

Upcoming Dates:

2019 Dates TBA

Web Interactivity with jQuery & Javascript

Learn how to add complex and elegant web UIs with less code with jQuery. Students learn how to manipulate CSS with jQuery, ensure visual consistency, and create animated drop-downs.Learn to write jQuery selectors, manipulate DOM elements, add and remove elements with appending, prepending and wrapping tags. Prerequisite: Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

  • The jQuery Advantage: A JavaScript library simplifying web effects with less code
  • How jQuery makes it easier to create animations, handle events, and navigate
  • Adding complex interactions with less code
  • The power of JavaScript libraries
  • Where to get it.
  • Creating drag-and-drop interfaces
  • Standard CSS manipulation with jQuery
  • Applying CSS to User Interface elements for visual consistency
  • CSS3 selector support: Select elements on an HTML page to be styled
  • Selecting elements by container and child
  • jQuery specific selectors to match a set of elements
  • jQuery filters
  • Getting and setting inline styles
  • Adding and removing classes
  • Create multi-level, animated dropdowns
  • Showing and hiding with the jQuery event model
  • Adding event listeners
  • Using toggle events
  • Sliding up and down
  • Creating, understanding & controlling event propagation
  • Appending
  • Prepending
  • Insert Into
  • Wrapping new tags around content
  • Changing content within tags
  • Exploring plug ins for forms and tables
  • Turning a web form into a wizard with jQuery
  • Validating forms
  • Hinting
  • Autocomplete
  • Use jQuery effects to create slideshows and lightboxes
  • Animating CSS properties
  • Easing
  • Color Animation Plugin
  • Chaining Animations
  • More power with jQuery UI
  • Request data without having to reload the page
  • Loading and using XML
  • Loading JSON Data
  • Loading and using subsets of HTML