Chicago SEO & Digital Marketing Training


LinkedIn MBA: Marketing & Business Accelerator Class

Take control of your online presence! Immediately upgrade your skills and achieve a much greater understanding of internet marketing potential. Taught in a quick-start format, this class is ideals for those who want to advance their branding, content marketing and social media skills. As you learn, you’ll immediately upgrade your skills, update your career options, and increase contributions to your company. Taught by Barbara Rozgonyi, co-founder of Social Media Club Chicago and CEO of CoryWest Media. You will immediately benefit from Barbara’s engaging and interactive “hands on, fear free” teaching style that’s geared to guide you to start making progress on day one.

SEO ClassesSEO: Search Engine Optimization Class

Learn how to audit your own website so you can make high-impact improvements that up rankings and analytics. You will learn how to select the best keywords and structure/optimize your content accordingly. Make your website load faster and configure Google Analytics + Google Search Console to track progress and improve SEO health. After learning SEO best practices, we’ll show you how to identity high priority issues on your own website so you can improve the things that matter most to Google.