Class Length: 2 Days
Price: $1299

*This class is only available for students that can attend live in Chicago.

Taught by industry expert & UX Design author.

Workshops are limited to 12 students or less.  Due to the interactive nature of the course, it is not available as an online class offering. *Not eligible for retake.

Upcoming Dates:


Attendees must have basic understanding of UX Design.

UX Design: User Experience Workshop

UX Design Workshop ChicagoThis intensive 2-day class will teach you the tools and techniques to create the best user experiences. You will learn about responsive design, wireframing and sketching, connecting with the company brand and defining a product vision. Students leave this class with a solid framework for applying UX principles and design into website design, development and deployment.

  • Introductions and Definitions and Overview of Interaction Design Steps
  • Immersing in the Challenge and Defining the Problem
  • Coming up with New Ideas
  • Sketching Solution Concepts
  • Refining with Wireframes, Site Maps and Flows
  • Expressing Possible Look and Feel
  • Design / Development Team Interactions and Assessing Digital Products
  • Visual Design Principles for the Digital Medium
  • Unity/Variety
  • Hierarchy and Dominance
  • Economy of Elements, Proportion and Balance
  • Responsive Design:Heuristic Analysis: a Tool for Usability Assessment
  • 10 Common Heuristics
  • Four Basic Types of Sites and Their Objectives:
  • Brand Presence: A Constant Online Platform Facilitating the Relationship
  • Marketing Campaign: Designed to Elicit a Measurable, Specific Response
  • Content Source: A Store of Information Designed to Engage, Entertain or Inform
  • Task-Based Application: Tools to Enable Users to Accomplish a Set of Tasks
  • Sketching as a Concepting Tool
  • Techniques to Show Flow / Process
  • Storyboards and Process Flows
  • Swim Lanes
  • Techniques to Find Structure
  • Card Sorting with Users to Find Common Groupings
  • Site Maps to Visualize Structure
  • Visualizing the Interaction
  • Wireframes and Their Use
  • Different Levels of Fidelity
  • Chunking InformationShowing Priority
  • Planning for Different Wireframe Users
  • Common Wireframe Tools
  • Simple Prototypes for Testing
  • Style Tiles: a Flexible Tool for Demonstrating Look and Feel
  • Design Strategy: What It Means and Why It’s Important
  • Connecting with Company Values and Brand
  • Understanding the Core ProblemsThe Difference Between “What People Say” versus “What People Do”
  • Field Research Techniques
  • Quantitative vs Qualitative Research
  • Surveys and Usability Testing
  • Quadrants: Relatively Simple Groupings
  • Personas: Fictional Biographies Representing Common Patterns
  • Customer Journeys: Showing the Experience Across Multiple Touchpoints
  • Defining a Product Vision
  • Collaborative Involvement of Stakeholders
  • Team Touchpoints and Design Studios
  • Design Principles as a Strategic Tool
  • Working with Multidisciplinary Teams to Share Responsibility for UX
  • Effective Prioritization
  • Considering Desirability, Feasibility, and Viability
  • Including Features that Delight
“Over the years, I have never taken a class from Ascend without being able to fully utilize the program the very next day!”
J. Janz, Kent Feeds