WordPress makes it easy for any computer user to create webpages and blogs. This 1 day quick-start class will teach you to easily develop and customize your own website. WordPress is a free online application that allows users to create beautiful pages that you can incorporate your own logos, images or photos into.

  • What is HTML and how does it create websites?
  • How much ‘code’ should I know to create and edit WordPress content?
  • Understanding image file formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG to import into your website.
  • How search engines find web pages.
  • How does a WordPress site differ from a ‘static’ web site?
  • What is WordPress, and how is it different from other website building tools?
  • Why use WordPress for blogs and web pages?
  • Web Hosting options.
  • What can you do with WordPress?
  • Basic WordPress terminology.
  • WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
  • Local vs. live.
  • Choosing a domain name.
  • General settings.
  • Users & Permissions.
  • Choosing from WordPress themes.
  • Using the behind-the-scenes interface where your settings and content are stored.
  • A tour of the tools and navigation used to run your site.
  • The power of the Gutenberg Editor.
  • Pages vs. Posts.
  • Using Templates for consistent webpages.
  • Adding and formatting text to your page.
  • Using Gutenberg Blocks.
  • Creating parent and child pages.
  • Creating headlines and body content.
  • Useful Gutenberg Blocks and tricks for blog posts.
  • Adding links to your blog.
  • Publishing and editing your blog posts.
  • Tags vs. categories.
  • Using a successful taxonomic strategy.
  • Creating and editing link lists and menus.
  • Designing navigation systems.
  • Internal search features.
  • Using the Media Library to incorporate image, document and media files.
  • Using the Image Editor.
  • Adding captions, titles, and links to graphics.
  • Featured images vs. attached images.
  • Adding video to your blog via YouTube.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics
  • Ensuring search engines can see your site.
  • Helpful SEO plugins.
  • Why comments and sharing are important.
  • Viewing site stats.
  • Security basics.
  • Updating WordPress safely.
  • Performance tips.
  • Backing-up your site.
  • Installing popular plugins for upkeep and maintenance.

Class Length: 1 Day
Price: $399

This open enrollment class is offered online with a live instructor.

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