Graphic designers are not only tasked with the job of visual storytelling, but we must be up to date with the latest trends that seem to change faster than a tilt-a-whirl! The evolving trends are shaping up to transcend both cultural and gender norms. We are seeing very bold color statements that are neither male or female, reflecting landscapes that are both fun and hopeful.

Graphic Design Color Trends

When choosing colors, we must start by evaluating what emotion we are hoping to evoke. Red is the color of fire and blood, and very emotionally intense while yellow evokes happiness and joy. Orange combines the energy of red, and the happiness of yellow. We think of green as a symbol of nature, but darker green can also symbolize money. While purple can appear regal, it also can be very appealing to children. Blue is strong and stable (think IBM) while black evokes elegance, power or even death.

Color Trends in Graphic Design

Designers are coming up with new color combinations that even a few years ago would not have been considered. We are in a new era of design, and a great place to find ideas is Adobe Color. With an Adobe Creative Cloud account (the account is free) we can save color combinations on your desktop, phone or tablet. We also can look at the newest color combinations from CC members to get ideas and inspiration.

Adobe Color Combinations

Pantone is also a great place to find inspiration. Each year they come up with top colors for the coming year. This year they have shown us that bright vibrant colors, taking inspiration from the Olympics in Rio, are dominating our design landscape. The closer we get to summer, the more we will see vivid, bright colors.

As designers, we understand that color will always ebb and flow with the trends. In 2016 we are still seeing trends of vivid, punchy colors infiltrating even the most stoic of industries.

Today’s projects for both digital and print in 2016 continue to be playful, energetic and hopeful.

Happy Designing!