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3D Training in Chicago or Online

Adobe Photoshop3D Modeling with Photoshop

Dive into Photoshop’s 3D capabilities to easily create 3D Models, text effects and more. Learn how to use the Camera,  view controls and to set and change Environments. Add textures, change colors, and apply complex lighting effects to your 3D model. Understand what 3rd party resources such as PixelSquid that are available for obtaining 3D objects. Create 3D Meshes and extrude object, then render your final artwork.

zbrush 3D illustration

3D Illustration with ZBrush

ZBrush is the leading 3D digital sculpting and painting program. Learn to create 3D illustrations, characters for gaming, 3D Prints and prototyping. This class teaches those new to Brush to use the 3D tools effectively to get up and running in the world of 3D.

cinema 4dCinema 4D Lite with After Effects

Learn to create stunning 3D animations! Create 3D geometry objects and materials from scratch. Understand the Cinema 4D mini-timeline and use motion curves. Explore complex lighting and shadow options. Color correct and post-FX within After Effects.

rhinoceros 3D modeling3D Modeling with Rhinoceros

Learn to model in 3D Rhinoceros. This hands-on class will teach you the basics for digital sculpting for illustration, 3D printing, designing for Video Games and Animation, and prototyping. This introduction workshop will help you understand the basics of the interface, and how to use the most effective tools easily and quickly. By the end of this class you will be proficient in the core tools of Rhinoceros , and on your way to creating realistic 3D models!

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3D Training

3D has become a revolutionary mainstream design necessity. There are options to create 3D models, animations, and games. Applications like ZBrush are used more for models and character design while Cinema 4D is used more for movies and television. 3D has moved from being used by a narrow group in medical to high-tech to infiltrating the design and concepting markets.

Our hands-on 3D classes can be taken in Chicago or online. Our instructors are the top 3D professionals in the industry, that bring real-world projects to the classroom.